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Code Of Conduct

This code of conduct applies to your behaviour on all Ipswich Makerspace communication channels, and at any events that we run:

The Ipswich Makerspace is for adults. We therefore expect you to show respect for each other in everything you say and do. And we expect you to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions and words. Children are sometimes present at Makerspace events; it is particularly important that you model adult behaviour on those occasions.

Whenever you use any piece of Makerspace equipment, treat it with care, in accordance with any instructions you have received, and return it to its correct storage space before leaving the space. Report faults to any member of the Steering Committee.

People’s private lives are their own. Do not share details about others that they have not explicitly made public.

Although alcoholic drinks are allowed, you may not buy or sell alcoholic drinks on club premises. Persons who are obviously intoxicated will be asked to leave.

If you have any concerns about someone’s behaviour please speak to any member of the Steering Committee, or by emailing


Rule Zero - Thou shalt not be aflame

A maker may not be on fire, cause a fellow maker to be on fire, or through inaction allow a fellow maker to be on fire.

Not just applicable to fire, this covers all forms of safety issues. We provide a range of PPE and it should be used when appropriate.

Some examples;

  • If using a Dremel cutting/grinding disc, you should wear glasses as the disc can shatter at great speeds with no warning.
  • When plugging your newly built BFG9000 into the mains for the first time, please ask someone to look over the circuit first, and use an RCD.
  • If you see someone using equipment incorrectly or unsafely, advise them carefully, and ideally before an incident occurs.


Comply with the Health and Safety, Training and Tool Usage Policy. If you do not know how to use an unregulated tool you must ask for the assistance of someone who does.

Whilst not restricted, correct use of a chisel or soldering iron will save both you and the tool from injury - some of these tools are surprisingly expensive. There will usually be someone willing to teach you.

Members must not operate hazardous equipment while their judgement or reaction times are impaired.

Whether due to alcohol, drugs, or any other condition.

Report any issues with health and safety or emergency equipment to the keyholder ASAP.

Raise any serious concerns to the Committee directly.


If something is broken, fix it. If dirty, clean it. If misplaced, tidy it.

If you can't, then report it.

If doing something non-trivial to the space itself then ask a committee member first.

This includes making more holes in the walls!

Tidy Up.

Clear up after yourself; put projects away, return tools to the correct locations, clear up piles of sawdust, wash up. Help with the general tidying (eg the bins, hoovering, cleaning the Workshop etc. is greatly appreciated.


Compliance with UK law is assumed at all times.

Drugs, illegal weapons manufacture etc will not be tolerated.

Children and other small animals are welcome in the Space, as long as their owner clears up afterwards.

Under 16s may not enter the space without a responsible adult. Said responsible adult assumes all responsibility for the actions and safety of said minor. Anyone 16 or over may become a member, but unsupervised access for 16 and 17 year olds is at the discretion of the Committee, following an informal chat with parents/guardians.

Large animals are welcome by prior arrangement only.

After the 2016 incident, the surviving committee members unanimously voted via show of applicable limbs that velociraptors are no longer allowed, even on leads.

Materials & Finance

Equipment should be treated with care and respect.

If a tool is damaged while you're using it, you must tell the keyholder. If you damage a tool due to misuse the Committee may ask you to contribute time or money towards its replacement or repair - especially if the cause was avoidable and covered by training or on the Wiki.

Pay for consumables used

Including laser materials, printer filament, and tuck.

General supplies are usable by all members, within reason.

If you use something try to replace it or donate similar to the stockpiles, or chuck some money in a donation bucket. If the last of a consumable is used (or is about to be) please replace it, or add it to the Replenishment_requests.

All waste must be disposed of correctly.

Check material safety datasheets if you are unsure (eg. do not just pour acetone down the drain).

This includes using the correct bins for recycling and general waste.

Break this rule on Pain of Steve. A&E have ceased to see the funny side of extracting teabags from various orifices.

Keep your membership up to date.

Rent doesn't pay itself.


Members are allowed to store personal items in the space, but they must be kept in your labelled box.

Empty boxes may be recycled for other members if needed. Sometimes more items (or larger items) may be allowed, but please note that space is limited. Bear in mind this is a public building and we cannot accept liability for articles left.

When donating items, consider carefully its true usefulness.

Disposal requires effort and space is limited. Seek permission for large items.

Don't remove anything from the Space which you didn't bring or make yourself.

Other than rubbish!

Items left on desk surfaces may be moved or disposed of.

Desk space is at a premium - be aware of this.