Committee Responsibilities

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This is a draft

Caveat: Nothing in this document is intended to override anything in the Constitution

Steering Committee

Role: Long-term planning and direction of the Makerspace Responsibilities:

  1. Legal affairs, Finance, and Contracts
    1. Company entity
    2. Compliant operation (H&S, insurance, fire safety, etc)
    3. Business Accounts, Tax, and Returns
    4. Directors' Duties
    5. Rental agreement and landlord
    6. Utilities (water, elec, gas, internet)
    7. Grant applications
  2. External Relations
    1. Ipswich Borough, Grant bodies
    2. Other clubs and societies
    3. Corporate Members
    4. Publicity and Public Relations
    5. R-Pi Foundation and CoderDojo
  3. Internal Affairs
    1. Discipline
    2. Collection of membership fees, shop receipts, etc
  4. Determining issues raised by Operating Committee

Operating Committee

Role: Day-to-day operation of the Makerspace Responsibilities:

  1. Ensuring compliance with policies established by Steering Committee
  2. Purchasing of consumables and tools within budget set by Steering Committee
  3. Maintaining a Membership Database, including on-boarding of members
  4. Maintaining a Database of Keyholders, including issuing of keys
  5. Maintaining an Asset Management/Inventory Database
  6. Maintaining an “Owners” Database for all equipment
  7. Organising user education on equipment; certifying “drivers”
  8. Maintaining a “Drivers” database of those who have received “driver” education
  9. Maintaining a messaging/email system to ensure all new contacts get a timely response
  10. Maintenance of infrastructure, safety checks, etc
  11. Ensuring opening hours
  12. Operating the Minishop and Tuckshop
  13. Organizing a program of talks, demos, and workshops
  14. Maintaining a space booking system for internal and external events
  15. Managing Makerspace userids/passwords for public-facing services (website, FB group, Meetup, Twitter, etc) and posting event notices from authorised persons
  16. Projects that from time to time may be necessary
  17. Raising issues for Steering Committee response