Replenishment Requests

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Consumables which we need more of.

Please note that this page is not magical. Whilst some Committee members may 'watch' this page for changes, it does not imply instant requisition. If something is urgent the best course of action is usually to buy it yourself.

Kitchen Supplies

(We almost always need more milk, and often teabags and friends)


330 Ohm resistors.

Laser Materials

De-ionised water
Huuuuuuuuuuuge stuff that Helios can take advantage of. Awaiting test results from new lens/head, but likely 6-9mm thick will be trivial for this blighter to munch.

Misc Main Room Supplies

  • Graph Paper.
  • Hair spray for 3D printer beds New can procured, adjacent to 3D printers.
  • UHU glue stick for 3D printer beds (large) No longer required at present.
  • IPA Isopropanol Alchhol Industrial 99.9% (250ml) Kept under the sink in the kitchen.
  • 1.75mm PLA filaments in a range of colours A selection of colours has been provided by Matt & James.

Workshop Consumables

  • Nails various.
  • Washers various.

Recently Acquired:

  • Coloured pencils, fine felt tips [Adam]
  • Wood glue [Jon]
  • Super glue [Adam]
  • Non-expensive screws. Not everything needs the singing and dancing super screws and it's wasteful. [Adam]
  • Glue gun sticks. Also a new gun! [Adam]
  • Silicone [Jon]
  • Blueroll [Jon]
  • PVA [Adam]
  • Pens, pencils, geometry equipment. [Adam]
  • Binbags [Just about everybody I think?]