Steering Committee Meeting 24/09/19

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  • Email address policy
  • Match funding
  • Facebook sales group
  • Landlord's request
  • Girlguides
  • James F - Velleman request


Attendees: JL, SC, PW, TE

  • We will allow personal email accounts on a case by case basis decided by the SC.
  • We will buy an Ender 3 regardless of donation, to be claimed on match funding.
  • SC doesn't think the sales page works but committee has voted to keep it as it is.
  • The landlord wants to do some work on the drive to keep some planning permission. We will give permission for this.
  • We have had a request to host a group of Girlguides to get through technology badge. We will go ahead with this.
  • Could these modifications be applied to the Turnigy or another printer in the graveyard? if not consult with Keith.
  • Card reader has been ordered.
  • TE has created some letters and a process for disciplinary matters.
  • The committee will act together and act quickly with regards to future disciplinary matters.
  • TE has procured PIs for the coder dojo. TE to be paid back for this. The coder dojo need more challenging exercises, this is being investigated.
  • The Museum dojo sessions were popular and a success which led to new members. It was difficult from a logistics point of view.
  • A group in Waldringfield is asking for help labelling trees in a green project. We will offer to help.


  • JL to purchase Ender 3
  • JL to send out match funding list. All to review.
  • JL to look at consumables,
  • SC to produce list of needed woodwork equipment.
  • PW to talk to his guide contacts about badge.
  • SC to pitch for monitors and peripherals for the code Dojo.
  • TE to claim back money for PIs
  • TE to follow up with gardening group