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NFire Delta

A Delta printer currently on load from Phil Willis. We are in the process of getting this printer fully tuned and making suitable slicer profiles available.

NFire Delta.png

Note If you are using this printer and generate the gcode yourself, please ensure you DO NOT have M84 in the end gcode. M84 disables the stepper motors, if the stepper motors are disabled at the end of the print, the print head will dive into the print or print bed, potentially destroying the print, or worse, damaging the printer. After the print is complete and the print head is below 40deg.C, the print head should be parked on the bed and only then M84 called. The Octoprint instance has a macro button to park the head safely. Please use.


Build Volume 150mm dia. by 150mm tall
Hotend E3D V6 lite
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Max hot end temperature 245 deg. C
Build surface Non heated, taped acryclic
Resolution 0.3 – 0.05 mm

Upgrade plans

  • Install Marlin 1.1.9 with thermal runaway enabled
  • Ensure extruder is calibrated
  • Ensure OctoPi has shortcut for cooling down print head and parking print head on bed.