3D printer remote monitoring system

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We would like a system to monitor and control the 3D printers to allow large prints to be set going and left unattended, being monitored automatically. The system should allow users to view and control the printers (probably not start prints, first layers are critical). With notifications of potential issues and possible some way of dealing with dangerous situations.

Required Features

  • User login
  • Ability to give users roles
    • User
    • Admin
    • etc
  • Live video feed of each printer
  • Access to OctoPrint to contro the printer
  • Easy to access emergency stop feature
    • Stop all movement
    • turn off all heaters
    • move hot end to upper limit (away from print)
  • Sensors to detect excessive heat
  • Sensors to detect smoke
  • Notification to users and committees if error is detected or sensors are tripped
  • Ability to kill power to all printers and OctoPrint servers
  • Ability to deploy remote CO2 fire extinguishers
    • Upon notification, after viewing video feed, confirm or deny extinguisher needs to be deployed
    • If no response after a set period, power is cut and extinguisher deployed automatically