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The 2019 AGM was held on Thursday 25th July at 19:15.


  • David Lammiman
  • Sean Wilby
  • Shaun Plummer
  • Jon Leach
  • David Atkins
  • Phils Wilkins
  • Lucy Hollis
  • Mat Kamil
  • James Fordham
  • Steve Chalkley
  • Ben Fisher
  • Peter Richards
  • Andy Calver
  • Frank Domoney


  • Phil Willis
  • Jon Leach



Apologies for the change of date at the last minute!

Last Year saw the Makerspace branch out with the purchase of the lease of the whole building expanding the physical space and allowing for:

  • External events like "Soldering for Girls"
  • The introduction 3rd Tuesday Talks
  • Hannahs open studio

This would not have been possible without access to Lottery and Match funding grants

We entered 2 Teams for Pi Wars, the one with the 13yr in it beating the more experienced team<grin>. If we are going to enter this year we need to start thinking about it now.

We gained almost 30 new memberships moving us to 62 members.


As a reminder the Lottery grant gave us £2k deposit, £12k annual rent *2, and £8k 'setup'

We have spent roughly £4k of the setup fees although some of this is due to dome back to us due to match funding.

Things we have bought include:

  • Flooring downstairs
  • Heating downstairs
  • New 3D printers
  • New pillar drill
  • CCTV cameras
  • Fire extinguishers and alarms
  • New laser tube
  • new hand tools
  • new lathe accessories

This leaves us with around £4.5k lottery grant remaining for setup costs.

In out capital account, which is our main cash reserve, we currently have £2.5k. This reserve has not been touched since January.

In our operating account, the account that membership is paid into and the majority of bills are paid from, is £1k.

31 people currently pay the £15 a month fee to the Makerspace. Giving us a regular income of £465, this is supplement by on average 5 £50 payments a month giving us an income of around £700

Excluding downstairs for now our outgoings per month are

  • £450 rent
  • £60 broadband
  • £100 insurance
  • £150 energy

Giving us a monthly cost for upstairs of £750

This means we are just about breaking even on paying for upstairs, not really leaving us much headroom for new tools or maintenance.

We need to get to a point in the next 18 months where we can support both upstairs and downstairs when the lottery grant comes to an end.

With the expansion of the space and the fact that we have not increased the cost of membership for two years and we now have much more equipment. We will be increasing the monthly membership to £20 but keeping the per meeting fee at £5 per meeting, the annual fee also remains at £50. Concessions are available.

But its not all about money, we need people to:

  • spread the word.
  • Run courses or workshops 
  • Be available to help on working parties.
  • Anything else they can think of.

We would also like to move to Direct Debit for monthly and annual payments. We are also planning on getting a contactless card reader for ad hoc payments.

We are planning on making better use of the membership cards including tracking meeting attendance and payments. More information about this will be announced soon.

We would also like to remind you that members are entitled to discounts at Rapid (Speak to Steve for more details), and Phil has a wholesale account with Pimoroni (but there is a minimum order value!).


Part of growing into a bigger organisation means we need to be more formal with our policies.

We have produced several new documents:

  • Handbook
  • Code of conduct
  • Membership Agreement

Printed copies are available at the Makerspace or on the wiki


Thanks to everyone who has worked really hard to make the space happen, especially:

  • Martin for doing an awesome fitting the heating (even when putting up with Phil as plumbers mate.
  • Matt and Aaron for energising the 3d printer interest.
  • Adam for taming the laser cutters and applying for the lottery funding.
  • David for the 3rd Tuesday Talks
  • and the OC in general for taking on the hard work.