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The 2020 AGM was held on Thursday 12th November at 19:30 held virtually due to the pandemic


  • Jon Leach
  • David Atkins
  • Tim Elliot
  • Clive Dennett-Thorpe
  • Alan Hume
  • James Murray
  • Phil Willis
  • Guy Windsor
  • Shannon English
  • Hannah Aria


  • Tim Elliot



Introduction from Tim.


As a reminder the Lottery grant gave us £2k deposit, £12k annual rent *2, and £8k 'setup'. This lottery grant will end at the end of this year.

We have been able to apply and receive a £10k grant from the council which will just keep us going for 2021.

We have taken a small hit on monthly payments but we have no growth.

We have no contingency or funds available for new equipment over the next year.

Operating plan for next year


need to start activities in the maker space as soon as possible.

possibility of a new corporate sponsor but this has gone quiet

One possibility is to open up the founders bonds. At the beginning of the maker space several members gave money to the space to get things set up. we may open this up again.

We are looking into other options for premises as the current space is under utilised. We have also explored the idea of rent holidays/reductions but have had little success

We should actively look to apply for new grants.

People are queuing up to join when we can re-open.

Clive mentioned the hidden needs grant which he has looked into from the men shed. There is always an issue with grants for running costs.

Shannon mentioned there is now a second round of grants available. David will chase this.

Delegated Matters

Overview of the Steering and Operating committee

Appeal for help - Guy has offered and will be invited to the next OC meeting.

Proposed to keep ongoing with the current arrangements

Digitech Project

Hannah has submitted a proposal for an Adastral Park Digitech project.

We have agreed that she is able to use the Makerspace name and facilities but she will need help from members. Unfortunately the proposal hasn't been shortlisted.


David has been working on the large laser. replacing stepper motors, drive belts, pulleys and cooling. This is a significant improvement. Thanks to David for this.

Hannah asked for continued use of the back room for livestreams, this was approved and David offered help with technical matters.