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Page Intent

(The items linked here are probably the lowest available price, but due to the quantity of data I've been digging through I cannot do exhaustive searches on everything so this is not currently certain.)

Where possible, tools are emphasised over materials. The idea is to increase the range of our abilities, via either new avenues or extending capabilities of current equipment. The table has delusions of being a spreadsheet and does almost clever things. Edit carefully if you have to!

The Wishlist Proper

Usage: Budget category is for accounting/overview purposes, and automatic totalling. By the same token Cost is cleaned line cost eg 3 * goggles at '£3-5ish' == 3*4 == £12. For specifically costed items that only one are needed of, this is a duplicate of Price.


 Workshop T&E (Currently: PPE, additional tools/measures.)
 Workshop Machinery (Currently: bobbin sander. Planer/thicknesser, bandsaw need costing. Potentially radial arm drill also, price depending.)
 Workshop T&E Other (Stuff we borrow that we should probably own, eg replacement hand tools)
 Main Room T&E (Includes another god-tier soldering bay, CR10S, bench PSU and the laser airflow modification)
 Maintenance and Improvement (Currently gas fitting, which needs costing. Air filter and the workshop shelves would be good to have too)
 Essential Materials (wood, filament, resin, screws, glue, solder, etc.)

Some tools span room usage or purpose, eg calipers are used for more than woodwork, gloves all sorts, but until category numbers need adjusting I'm using which room it'll be stored in as the delimiter. Big Things are usually at the base of their section.

Please do not change table structure. Javascript automatically updates '£subtotal' fields based on cell position/indexes.

Item Type Budget Category Description Rationale / Notes Price Cost URL
Depth gauge Measuring Workshop T&E Calipers for depth. For making sure that the table saw or router really IS set for exactly X mm. Calipers with depth gauges aren't ideal for this as both the body and needle are too narrow; a gauge rides the highest points of the router bit / saw blade and spans the recess it emerges from. £16.99 £16.99
Carving Chisels Woodworking Workshop T&E Detailed chisels for more than just straightforward wood removal For hand carving and detailing. Better quality tools are certainly available, but price escalates quickly. A set has been promised to us. £21.99 £21.99
Encompassing goggles Utility, PPE Workshop T&E Goggles with sideeye protection Vented, and also wearable over glasses. £4.99 £9.98
Lab coats or overalls Utility, PPE Workshop T&E Protective clothing Useful for painting, resin work, ousting Amy, and other messy activities. £10-15. £12 * 2 ? £24 Sources various depending on type. I have a contact who can embroider our logo on them if desired.
Magnet Utility Workshop T&E Magnet Useful for finding/clearing nails from the workshop floor £5.39 £5.39
Fubar Tool Workshop T&E Multi-purpose demolition tool Exceptionally useful for breaking pallets down. Also effective against the undead. £30ish £30 Example:
Angle Grinder Stand Tool Workshop T&E Angle grinder + chop saw For heavier metal work and when the mitre saw has a fine blade in. Can fill many roles depending on equipped discs - very versatile! £21.23 £21.23
Cross Vise Utility Workshop T&E A cross vice for the drill press. Irreplaceable for precision tasks. £47.98 £47.98
Workshop T&E Subtotal: £subtotal
Radial Drill Tool Workshop T&E Machinery Extendable powerful drill Deeper throat and greater depth. Also means the current drill can be dedicated for a given purpose eg lowspeed metalwork. £319.96 £319.96
Air filter Utility Workshop T&E Dust / air filter Will need fittings/filters too. £394.04 £394.04
Workshop T&E Machinery Subtotal: £subtotal
Angle gauge / inclinometer Measuring Workshop T&E Other Calipers for angles. Dead handy for attaching to saw blades or tables (eg drill press, sander, bandsaw) to make sure that it actually really IS 90 / 45 degrees, not just 'roughly'. Much time and hair is saved. £16.59 £16.59
Countersunk pilot drill bits Woodworking Workshop T&E Other Drill bits With countersinks. Attached! Saves so much time. £7.89 £7.89
Riveter Tool Workshop T&E Hand-held riveter Also comes with variously sized rivets. £19.84 £19.84
Engineers Calipers Measuring Workshop T&E Other High calibre calipers. Useful for many tasks involving measurement, especially try-test work - in particular the earwigs are invaluable for hollow objects & lathed bowls. £14.39 £14.39
Bench vice Utility Workshop T&E Other Mountable vice and small anvil for metalwork & friends For holding workpieces for on-table operations. This model also has a small anvil plate for light whacking tasks. [* smaller version] £28.79 £28.79
Rasp and file set Tool Workshop T&E Other For subtractive handwork, especially on woods and metals Since we have none to speak of, other than Adam's 2 knackered old woodrasps, and one veteran square edge metal file. With fishing on Ebay or Amazon prime only offers this will be cheaper than Draper purport. It's a lovely set. £20-60 £40
Tap and die set Tool Workshop T&E Other For making threaded holes and threaded things what goes in those holes Prices vary wildly depending where you ask versus what quality. [ * midrange set ] £10-50 £30
Workshop T&E Other These items are currently available, but only as they've been loaned. Subtotal: £subtotal
3D Printer Equipment Main Room T&E Creality 10S For capacity £379.88 £379.88
3D Printer Equipment Main Room T&E Ender 3 For output bandwidth £196.96 £196.96
3D Printer Equipment Main Room T&E Prusa I3 For output bandwidth & later MMU attachment £186 £186×220×260mm/dp/B07F42RRDN/
Laminator Equipment Main Room T&E For handouts, notices etc A4 and A3. A3 pouches here, A4 here £53.99 £53.99
Main Room T&E Subtotal: £subtotal
Under Rafter Shelves Fitting Maintenance and Improvement Shelves & trays for the store room dead space. See section below. £263.49 £263.49 Details and plans
Maintenance and Improvement Subtotal: £subtotal
Non-core component kits Consumables Essential Materials Other related components Crimps, heatshrink, PCB blanks, jumpers & sockets, voltage regulators, etc £51.36 £51.36 See breakdown below Details
Useful IC chips Consumables Essential Materials IC chips and sockets. Counters, logic, flipflops, opamps, etc. £17.58 £17.58 See breakdown below Details
Resin & Friends Consumables Essential Materials Resin casting equipment and essential materials After some liaising with David, this covers everything we need for holding casting workshops. £271.00 £271.00 Various suppliers
Essential Materials Subtotal: £subtotal
Total £tree.fiddy

Note that the resin materials will pay for themselves, the workshops will charge enough to cover the usage, and over time will net more paying members.

Workshop T&E Other are hand tools that we already have, but only due to loans. Ideally we need to start owning some of the core stuff outright.

Disregarding those two figures, the total drops by £632.60 - currently to £2594.75.

Details and Rationale

Soldering Workbay

Costing assumes that NO DISCOUNT is available from Rapid. Hopefully we can wrangle something. Specific bay loadout as previously used; each bay contains:

Item Type Budget Category Description Rationale / Notes Price Cost URL
Soldering Station Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Atten ST-60 Premium Intelligent Soldering Station 60W £82.15 £82.15
Soldering Tip Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Atten 900M-T-0.8 900M Series Soldering Tip Chisel 0.8mm £2.99 £2.99
Soldering Tip Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Atten 900M-T-2.4 900M Series Soldering Tip Chisel 2.4mm £2.99 £2.99
Soldering Tip Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Atten 900M-T-2C 900M Series Soldering Tip Sloped 2mm £2.99 £2.99
Tip Cleaner Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Xytronic 460 Brass Wool Solder Tip Cleaner £4.77 £4.77
Tip Cleaner Refill Consumable Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Xytronic 459 Brass Wool Solder Tip Cleaner Refill £1.67 £1.67
Solder Consumable Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Rapid Solder Wire 60/40 22SWG 0.7mm 100g Reel £4.67 £4.67
Solder Consumable Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Rapid Lead-Free Solder Wire 22SWG 0.7mm 100g Reel £5.09 £5.09
Pliers Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist CK Tools T3889 Ecotronic ESD Long Snipe Nose Pliers £9.99 £9.99
Cutters Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist CK Tools T3887 Ecotronic ESD Side Cutters £10.40 £10.40
Lamp Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Xytronic JF-33CB Superior Illuminated Lamp £69.33 £69.33
Power Supply Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Uni-T UTP3705S 0-32V 5A DC Power Supply 2 Channel £178.94 £178.94
Multimeter Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Uni-T Intelligent Digital Multimeters UT71B £118.73 £118.73
Screwdriver Set Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Wera 05030170001 1578A/6 6-Piece ESD Kraftform Micro Screwdriver Set £20.06 £20.06
Ruler Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist CK Tools T3530 12 Steel Rule 300mm/12" £6.23 £6.23
Stabby Thing Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Stanley 0-10-150 SM9 Snap Off Blade Knife 9mm £1.82 £1.82
Refill for Stabby Thing Consumable Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Stanley 0-11-300 Snap Off Replacement Blades 9mm - Pack Of 10 £2.78 £2.78

Total cost: £525.60

New Stuff

Major purchases are hopefully eligible for match funding, probable candidates in itallics.

- Budget Metalworking / Welding ($blocktotal); £229.08 Tig/mma Air Plasma Cutter £17.54 Welding Helmet Auto Darkening £4.16 Welders Gauntlets £15.70 Welding Clamps £7.48 Welding Magnets x4 £2.50 Arc Welding Rods
- Ideal Metalworking / Welding ($blocktotal); £549.00 R-Tech TIG Welder DC Digital£54.95 Welding Helmet£6.50 Welding Gloves £10.95 Aluminium Tig Filler Rods £14.90 Steel TIG Filler Rods
  A plasma cutter was mentioned - this would be godly, especially if we strap it to a CNC rig later.
- Metalworking Bench and tools ($blocktotal); £239.98 Engineers Bench £287.98 2m Production Bench £274.80 3 in 1 Sheet Metal Machine	 £95.98 Bench Mounted Parts Bender £26.39 100mm Steel Vice £14.39 Metal File Set £38.39 Arbor Press £19.19 5pc Lathe Tool Set £65.99 Tap And Die Set £322.80 Metal Cutting Bandsaw
- Blacksmithing (awaiting information on possible donations/loanations/purchase opportunities)
  Anvil, heavier the better - cheap Chinese have reputation of being made of cast iron, ie. non-heattreated and soft, don’t go that way. East-Europeans etc. are usually OK. The anvil needs a proper block under it, and ideally a horn. Railway track can be used to make smaller specific-purpose anvils.
  Some anvil tools are needed, cutting wedge and iron plate for hot-cutting.
  Hammers & tongs - more the merrier - and for once, here diversity is a good thing! Minimal core; 1kg, 1,5kg and a 2 kg straight peen blacksmiths hammers, a couple smaller ball peen hammers and some basic tongs should suffice for a start. Mole grips/clamps also handy.
  Working tables, at least one with a metal surface. Need to think about weatherproofing.
  The actual forge. Probably gas powered tube-forge for efficiency, no reason we couldn't make another size later if needed.
  A few vices are a must.
  Some literature about the craft would come handy too
  A power hammer would be amazing, and save us pissing the neighbours off.
- Sharable with the metalshop:
  Loads of hand tools, angle grinders of different sizes, files,  metal brushes, pliers, hack-saws, etc.
  Protection stuff, goggles, respirators, earmuffs, maybe panzers or coveralls too.

- Misc art/craft kit
- Infrastructure
  CAT5 reel or two.

Materials / Consumables.

- Non-core components and friends ($blocktotal);
  400 header pins £2.29
  40pcs PCB Blanks £6.94
  328pcs Heatshrink tubing £3.39
  1000pcs Crimps and terminals £14.18
  600pcs M1-1.6 nut & screw set £2.59
  82pcs USB Connectors £6.54
  310pcs Jumper pins and connectors £2.93
  10pcs (*40) Header pins £1.04
  50pcs Power jack sockets £1.30
  10pcs MD2307 voltage regulators £2.86
  70pcs L7805-LM317 asst. voltage regulators £9.59
  10pcs Optocouplers £0.99
  50pcs Voltage references £0.99

- Useful IC chips, and sockets; lots and cheap ($blocktotal);
- Still to cost: Workshop consumables
  Wood glue
  Super glue
  Duct tape
  Sanding sponges; Festool ones seem good
- Kitchen etc
  - cleaning materials
  - teabags / coffee
  - blueroll

Workshop materials

As in materials for running workshops, to get people interested. Ideas have so far included laser box making, silver jewellery casting, and resin casting (David).

First priority is working out what workshops we wish to run. Second is if we want to bother explicitly costing them, or just fund them from the float & repay that from the day's fees. We do however need enough stock material and equipment on hand for the process.

Resin has been costed now. Laser boxes require absolutely nothing new - hopefully this can be a regular workshop if it goes well.

Silver casting; gas, a blowtorch, a crucible, and an old saucepan full of sand are all we need. There are a few other cheap bits but no need listing them.

To research / add:

Lathe tools. At the least, a roughing gouge of our own would be prudent.
Some existing long-term loan tools need TLC. The table saw needs a new blade, Jon had to buy a new chop saw fence recently, and the belt sander needs a new belt. The bandsaw needs shooting.
CAT5 too
A3 laminator
A3 printer
Forge construction materials
Anvil tools
Plasma cutter!

Screen printing equipment has been suggested. Digital and/or oldschool? This is a beast I am unfamiliar with. Space is also a factor. A 'starter kit' seems to be about £60, but is mostly consumables. If someone with time and preferably subject expertise could research this I'd appreciate it, I'm oversaturated with research as it is and it's not one of the areas I've worked with (unbelievable but true).

A 'better' front door camera. Awaiting thoughts from Jon. We have potentially been offered a free replacement from Sir James, uncertain as to timeframe or quality though.

Long-term consumables may be worth investing in. In particular, paints, wood dyes and finishes spring to mind. On a related note, also paintbrushes.

Resin paraphernalia.

Building infrastructure

Artist's impression of proposed shelving. Rumours of a magic carpet launch silo are entirely unsubstantiated.

The Under Rafter shelves

 Total: $blocktotal
 Ply, assume  18x1220x2440mm 5 * £34.99 ; £174.93 (a lot of flat surface to cover here)
 CLS, 3 * £2.50 ; £7.50
 Casters, assume 8 bays * £4.29 pack 4 casters ; £34.32
 Screws, 500 * 1; £4.99

CLS: 45cm * 7 * 2; 6.3m / 2.4m = 3 beams; £7.50. If we need support under, 2 * 5.6 = 11.2 / 2.4m = 5 beams; +£12.50

Plywood: 80cm * 120cm * 6 = 2 sheets, 5.6m * 80cm = +3 sheets. Technically can do 2 sheets but the joints would be everywhere.

It might be worth giving each 'bay' a plastic or fabric curtain to stop dust getting back there, otherwise boxes and such will become dust traps. This may potentially affect air movement and thus damp issues though. Prices are from Wickes. Are we limiting this enterprise to one side only? Assuming so for now.

Main Room Additions

  • Sharpies.
  • More drawing equipment - I've equipped us with basic geometry and stationery, but curve rulers would be excellent.
  • Cutting mats
  • Metal rulers with nonslip backing
  • Actual scalpels, and a more rugged general craft knife

Craft 'starter kits'

To expand options. Note that many of these tools are cross purpose.

  • Leatherwork
  • Wirework
  • Sculpting/waxwork
  • Casting
  • Papercraft
  • Painting/finishing. Brushes, pallets and solvents etc.
  • Fabric/textiles.

Workshop Equipment

Toolstation/Screwfix versions of hand tool list (BOUGHT, reference only!)

Where possible. Wooden mallet & 'paint-tier' chisels unobtainable cheaply.

 Small core tool set £29.99
 Pin hammer £2.75
 Crosspein £6.99
 Ballpein £7.99
 Assembly mallet, with a nonmarking face £8.89
 General saw £7.99
 Tenon saw £7.99
 Hacksaw £10.99
 Long hacksaw blades £4.99
 Small hacksaw blades £3.99
 Pliers £19.99
 Mole grips £8.99
 Carpenter's pincers £3.38
 Snips £17.99
 Heavy strippers £12.99
 Full spanner set £4.48
 workshop hex keys (Wilko have cheaper but not as nice) £7.49
 nail punches £4.99
 centre punches £5.15
 cold chisel £9.99
 Mini sledge £21.76
 Wallpaper scissors (for craft group) £4.99
 £214.75 total
 Floor / working party specific stuff:
 HSS sander, no idea when offer expires though
 Jewson sanders, cheaper when not on offer
 40 grit 5 pack, fits our sander - Screwfix belts twice this price!
 large work gloves
 Chemical resistant gloves
 good but cheap 'disposable' work gloves
 vented splashproof goggles

 Wilko cheaper comparables/uniques
 Wilko Combination Square 305mm * 2 £12.00
 Wilko Wooden Mallet 4in £4.25
 Wilko Wood Chisel Set £6.00

Hand tools

Current total £24.21