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The doorman in his unnatural environment

The Doorman is a deceptively comprehensive fellow given his diminutive stature.

Pictures will follow when there is something less abstract to detail.

Equipment required:

Raspberry pi 
A screen link
Input device link
Casing materials
Tricolour LED
Bowler hat



Tweets when the Space is opened, as per user input. (Reading the code here might save some brain cycles)

Shamelessly plundered strings;

Format: (message)+(number selected on dial)+" hours"+(punctuation)+" (Until ~"+closing_hour:minute+")"
 {"The space is open to members! Someone will be here for about ", "an hour", "!"},
 {"The space will be open (to members) for approximately ", "1 hour", "."},
 {"Got something to make? There's someone in the space for the next ", "hour or so", "."},
 {"Makerspace! Open to members! For approximately ", "an hour", "!"},
 {"The Makerspace is open to members for around ", "an hour", "."},
 {"Get yourself down to the space and build things! Makerspace is open for ", "an hour", "."},
 {"Makerspace Members! There's someone at the space for at least the next ", "hour", "."}

On request, shuts down as much as possible and provides visual feedback/error reports based on the status of the Space equipment.

Can shut down:

3D Printers
 Da Vinci
 CNC - although if it's on there's probably a good reason.
The PCs. Doable but might lose work, and is haltable by unsaved files. Notification & manual may be better.

Status notification only:

Laser Cutter
2D printer

(Bear in mind we now have remote sockets so other things could be shut down too)


Do we want to tweet when we shut?



Keeps an ear out for smoke alarms and panics in a strategic fashion. I suppose this would need a 'burnt toast/plywood' button for when trivial issues arise during normal operation and are dealt with immediately. Interconnected smoke alarms might be useful here.

Motion sensor? Jim has threatened us with a microwave motion sensor, handy in case we're invaded by cooking appliances.

Notifies Certain People of Certain Incidents. One possibility being a powercut.