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A place to record the history of Ipswich Makerspace

Chronological list of notable events/dates

Date Event
January 2019 Sponsorship Deal signed with Coderus
January 2019 The Lottery finally pay up! Formally took over the lease of the Ground Floor at Dove Street, great things to follow.
10th January 2019 Operating committee instigated to aid day to day running of the Makerspace.
9th September 2018 First of many regular Coder Dojo sessions run from the Makerspace.
28th June 2018 Adam begins besieging the Lottery for expansion funding.
14th April 2018 Second Laser Cutter delivered to Dove Street.
6th May 2017 4th Ipswich Raspberry Jam at University of Suffolk.
23rd March 2017 First Laser Cutter delivered to Dove Street.
3rd February 2017 Lease signed on 11 Dove Street (1st floor).
8th October 2016 Hosted the third Ipswich Raspberry Jam at University of Suffolk.
22nd September 2016 First meeting at Dove Street Studio, a bit of a stakeout.
16th April 2016 First Working Party at Grimwade Street - Wifi, curtains and locks installed, tables arranged etc.
27th February 2016 Hosted the 2nd Raspberry Jam at UCS
11th February 2016 Moved into new venue at 83 Grimwade Street, Ipswich
5th December 2015 Took part in the 2nd PiWars event and came second in A3 size category
5th November 2015 First Demonstration Event at Waldringfield, Suffolk
8th August 2015 Hosted the 1st Ipswich Raspberry Jam at Suffolk County Library, Ipswich
18th July 2015 Summer Social and Levington Marina
6th December 2014 Took part in the First PiWars event and came first in under £75 category
26th June 2014 First meeting in Holy Trinity Church Hall
29th April 2014 First Meeting in Holy Trinity Church Bungalow and group renamed to Ipswich Makerspace, Steve Chalkley took the helm.
All meetings prior to 29th April 2014 were in the Brewery Tap
20th November 2012 Inaugural meeting of Ipswich Hackspace organised by John Benton at the Brewery Tap