January 12th Working Party

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Draft job list for first working party. Some longer-term items pruned as security, planning needed first etc.


  • Floor scraping & sanding investigation
  • Repair and de-sticky floor in workshop
  • Build new front door
  • Fit forecourt CCTV.
  • Outside lighting
  • Extend insurance if necessary
  • Obscure windows
  • Fix plug in pottery
  • Assess & (hopefully improve) shipping container ventilation


  • Tidy main table
  • Hoover main area floor
  • Tidy workshop
  • Hoover workshop with shopvac
  • Label bench PC plugs/monitors. Too much guessing is needed!
  • Bench PC 'Left' needs investigation, HDMI output is Very Wrong
  • Bench PC 'Back' needs ... something. It now seems to fail to turn on at all, and may well need replacing with the incoming donated PC currently waiting next to it. Refer to Wiki for standard setup information.
  • Selene is due a lens cleaning and realignment session
  • Investigate state of donated monitors
  • Assess/salvage remnants of the various old lights on table
  • Fix/replace LED in left side door switch
  • Donated CNC needs more work.
  • We've had some donations of Misc Stuff In Boxes. Currently at the top right of Palletron, they need sorting and curating/defenestrating as required.
  • Tile the kitchen wall above the sink
  • Paint more of the ceiling - this is a condition of our lease.