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This guide contains important information about being a keyholder of the Makerspace


  • The Makerspace should always be left in a secure state. This means the doors and windows should be locked when not in use.
  • Do not prop open doors or deactivate locks unless equipment is being loaded.
  • Any lost keys should be reported to a committee member immediately so that it can be deactivated


  • Instructions for using the upstairs heater is located next to the heater. If heating is required it should be used for the minimum time possible and always switched off before you leave.
  • Downstairs heating is operated using the thermostat in the multi-purpose room. Turn up thermostat to 17 to heat the space and to 5 degrees to turn it off.
  • Light should only be on in the rooms that are in use and should be switched off when the room is no longer occupied.


  • Visitors may turn up at the space unannounced, giving tours is always appreciated but if it is not a published meeting you are under no obligation to allow them entry. If you interact with a visitor please encourage them to come back during the next official meeting and visit the facebook page
  • Never leave visitors unattended in the makerspace.


  • Money can be left in the Tin in the kitchen or by the laser.
  • Card payments can be taken by the card machine located in the kitchen.
  • If you find a large amount of cash (>£30) in any tin then please contact a committee member so that it can be banked.

Health and Safety

  • Only use equipment that you have been trained on. If in any doubt do not use the equipment and consult a committee member.

Leaving Checklist

  • Ensure doors and windows are locked
  • Ensure all equipment is switch off and left in a safe state.
  • Ensure all heating is switched off
  • Ensure all lights are switched off
  • Ensure that anything hot has cooled and is moved away from flammable materials.