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Match Funding List

Sectioned list of what we could try to get match funded, in which 50% of costs are repaid for equipment 'innovative/new to the business', by some bureaucrat's definition. We have ONE SHOT, so everything has to be costed before submission time, which will have to be soon. If something might be donated, then we can still cost and list it, then simply not buy it later on, so pending 'maybe' donations should still be costed. Items under £20 probably aren't worth faffing with, unless many are needed (eg a dozen lathe tools £15 each).

Please use costed list format e.g.: £549.00 R-Tech TIG Welder DC Digital

Notes/ideas are fine for now but they will have to be ignored on Submission Day if they're not finalised, or trivially simple & non-contentious (in which case they should already be costed...).

'Misc' £379.88 Creality 10S £196.96 Ender 3×220×260mm/dp/B07F42RRDN/ £186 Prusa I3

Metalwork £549.00 R-Tech TIG Welder DC Digital £2367.70 Mini mill £278.99 Mini mill stand £44.38 HSS TiN 4 Flute End Mill 10pc Metric Set (1mm Inc.) £140.24 Tilting Vice £96.71 + £69.23 Collet sets £49.39 58pc Clamping Set 12mm (M10 Thread) £477.34 Universal boring and facing set £386.16 4" Rotary Table Combi Set £177.65 16 Litre Coolant System £14.68 DTI £9.52 Mechanical Edge Finder 10mm dia.Shank x 4mm dia.Tip £319.96 11.84 Tin shears 33.34 File set

Blacksmithing £29.82 Sealey Hammers 8, 16, 24 oz £16.49 32 oz hammer £39 Round nose tongs Self grip Pliers £8.76 (3 lots) £24.99 Variable speed blower for forge £99.99 9" Angle grinder £59.99 5" angle grinder

Incoming from wishlist
Welding ($blocktotal); £549.00 R-Tech TIG Welder DC Digital£54.95 Welding Helmet£6.50 Welding Gloves £10.95 Aluminium Tig Filler Rods £14.90 Steel TIG Filler Rods

- Metalworking Bench and tools ($blocktotal); £239.98 Engineers Bench £287.98 2m Production Bench £274.80 3 in 1 Sheet Metal Machine	 £95.98 Bench Mounted Parts Bender £26.39 100mm Steel Vice £14.39 Metal File Set £38.39 Arbor Press £19.19 5pc Lathe Tool Set £65.99 Tap And Die Set £322.80 Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Robotics Station £87.08 Atten ST-60 Premium Intelligent Soldering Station 60W £118.73 Uni-T Intelligent Digital Multimeters UT71B 4.58 Assembly aid 32.75 Adjustable lamp 18.32 Magnifying lamp £43.92 Long range magnifying lamp 7.94 Riffler File Set 5.92 Needle file set

Craft Area



Dapping sets
Basic tool kit - ideally a single purchase 'starter kit'

Chemistry & Friends

Note that I have insane amounts of glassware already available.

Retort stands & clamps
New organic distillation & condenser column kit
Separator funnel?
Basic / core chems would be ideal but probably out of scope. Initial thoughts, standard 3 acids + glacial acetic, hydroxide, lots of bicarb, UI dye, desiccant eg calcium chloride. Loads of acetone for cleaning purposes, maybe some wintergreen for demonstration days.