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Work now complete(ish)  Jon has done a great job and the membership system is now in place and working, although like all projects tinkering is ongoing

As the makerspace membership has grown, we have moved from pencil and paper to a web-based system (Seltzer).

At an admin meeting on 2016-04-07 there was mention that the current system does not really seem fit for purpose, so a project was spun out to come up with a better one.



  1. Log members names, email addresses and emergency contact details
  2. Attach membership plan to each member
  3. Record Start and end dates of any membership plans
  4. Record money received
  5. Output outstanding fees
  6. Produce reports of expired membership plans

Membership Plans

  1. Log types of membership plans available
  2. Allocation durations and costs associated with each plan


  1. Record attendance at each meeting

Usage Questions

Feel free to add answers or discussion with these questions, or to add extra questions. It's a wiki, edit away!

  • Single user or multi-user?
  • Just for admins, or can members log in to check their status?
  • How to add/remove users, change passwords etc?
  • How to manage (create, retire etc.) membership plans?
  • Any need to import or export data?
  • Any need to integrate with any other systems? - (Seltzer currently manages the logon authentication to members only www site and wiki. One for Jon I think)
  • What about backups and other operational issues?