Operating Committee Meeting 09/07/19

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  • Update on laser status, plan future work, ie bed and cooling
  • Metalworking area needs worktables.
  • Forge plans need to be presented, and the forge risk assessment needs to be presented. Forge decking needs to be planned.
  • Security and network tasks
  • AGM
  • Plumbing - We need more 15mm tube to finish last radiators into meeting room. 22mm pipework is done with, I think maybe we got the qty's round wrong way when ordering? We have 22mm left over but no 15mm Can we exchange the remaining 22mm for 15 at wickes? Jon, do you still have sales invoice so we can show we got it from there? Saves us buying more... Also can we clear both areas ready for me to start at the weekend?

Things to do list and benefits of each budgets for each priority of each

How do we make stuff that's being planned visible?


  • Small laser has been fixed, fan has been replaced. Need to sort out AC water outlet - when the lasers are moved. Big laser needs a new bed and the motor isn't working. longer tube needed for the big laser head - half this has already been procured. Longer term plan for the cooling is to build a new system, this will be progressed after the laser move.
  • David has some steel that can be used for worktables - this will be suitable for the long thin table.
  • Forge project is at the proposal stage. Ben and David re-iterated need to finish existing projects and get the makerspace safe and more complete. We need to look at the makerspace in a more commercial way and focus on projects that are going to increase membership and get us closer to our goal of being able to afford expenses without needing grants. Information about machines should be on the wiki and printed out next to the piece of equipment. New projects should start with a public project initiation document on the wiki this can then be commented on by all and presented to the relevant committees. Proposals should be talked about as ideas and not plans. Personal projects that may contribute to an idea are allowed but as with any project they should be within the confines of what we do at the makerspace and what has been risk assessed. Everyone has a responsibility to make sure people are doing things safely but common sense does need to be applied.
  • Kitchen should be kept as tidy as possible. We should clean this out to set a good example.


  • AR to provide ben a drawing and BF to get a quote for a laser cut steel bed.
  • MT to work out thread for the big laser head and fabricate a longer one.
  • MT to look at the big laser bed motor and move bucket.
  • JL to look at installing GRBL on the big laser controller.
  • DA to recover some metal for tabletops. MH enquiring about the van for the weekend.
  • AT is getting a professional welder in to give us advice about what we need.
  • AT to create a framework for new project proposals
  • AT, AR and MT are working on the forge proposal
  • AR to create facebook poll of what would get people into the makerspace
  • MT to print out wiki pages next to equipment and review content
  • BF and AR to fix bandsaw stop button and investigate blade issue
  • Mal H and JL to carry on with network tasks - arrange a non meeting to do this.
  • MT to , MT arrange gaming night
  • JL to investigate NVR with DA
  • SC to raise the chain being broken to Stuart, outside tap and naughty sheep assets.
  • BF to run the AGM BBQ
  • MH to finish the heating this weekend. BF and MT to help.
  • MH and MH to look at the external stairs
  • All to start emptying the freezer and throwing it away.