Operating Committee Meeting 12/05/20

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Special meeting during lockdown

  • Virtual Makerspace open day.

Mal and Phil will show videos on Sunday 15:00 as a test. Keith to produce promo for the next event.

  • PPE update

1000-1500 a week is the demand at the moment. Stock for 6000. designing a variant for dentists. looking into wider covers.

  • Grants

We should be eligible for a £10k grant. In the process of applying for it. May want to extend peoples membership by the length of the lockdown.

  • Re-opening

Wait for government advice. we could have a single person per room with booking. things to consider:

    • Stairs
    • Count of people
    • Kitchen
    • Cleaning
    • technology solutions


  • JL create a wiki page.
  • SC and DA to chase grants

2nd Tuesday of June for the next meeting.