Operating Committee Meeting 13/08/19

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  • OC membership changes
  • Rota for opening the makerspace
  • Policy for loans, donations and temporary items
    • Create agreement for loaned items.
    • Risk Assessment for items.
  • Outstanding risk assessments
  • Next working party (JL)
    • Lathe
    • Pillar Drill
    • Dust extraction


  • Jon Leach (JL)
  • Phil Willis (PW)
  • Steve Chalkley (SC)
  • Matt Taylor (MT)
  • Mal Hubert (MH)
  • David Atkins (DA)
  • Tim Elliot (TE)


  • Steve is stepping down from the SC and PW is joining.
  • We need keyholder policy.
  • We need a clear plan of what we are doing and when.
  • Start with a wiki page for the rota.
  • Donations are different from loans, if its a donation we need to agree it first.
  • Loaned items must be marked with an owner.
  • We need a categorisation of private items - ask first before using.
  • Any new piece of equipment needs assessing first, this can be done at the space in a safe area. We can refuse to accept items. This depends on who brings it in (their skill level) and the state of repair of the equipment. A minimum of two members of the OC or SC can assess items, If it is deemed potentially dangerous, could affect the fabric of the building or affect peoples enjoyment of the space it must be approved by the SC. If someone feels they are not able to asses an item more committee member should be involved.
  • We will ask for the CNC lathe to be brought in and it will be assessed.
  • Plan for the next Q3
    • Sort out the workshop
      • Storage of tools
      • Workbenches
      • Lathe dust collector
      • Notice on wall - leave this better than you found it. cleaning equipment next to this.
      • Belt sander dust collection.
      • Labelling of equipment.
    • Open day
      • Planning
      • Tidy up
    • Function room
      • Lighting
    • Lobby
      • Setup tables and tidy.
      • Move the pallet lifter
    • Security and Network
      • Finish the network reconfiguration
      • Install downstairs camera
      • Sort out CCTV software
    • Risk assessments
      • Update overall risk assessment
      • Catch up with AL about equipment risk assessments.


  • MT to take owner of the opening rota.
  • PW to work on a loan agreement.
  • TE to produce some more label.
  • JL to write up donation / new equipment policy and announce new policy on facebook.
  • JL to sign us up for PiWars
  • MT to arrange for the sofa to be taken away.
  • MT to take pictures and move the pallet lifter to the container.
  • KE to update overall risk assessment
  • PW to arrange working party for tidying up for open day on the 7th September.
  • MH to complete WiFi setup - change password and set up guest network.
  • PW to create for sale facebook page
  • JL to contact axminster about pillar drill
  • TE to apply for match funding