Operating Committee Meeting 14/05/19

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  • Metal benches for metal work area
  • Facebook etiquette
  • Equipment training
  • 3D printer location


Metal Working Benches

Metal working bench. items on the match funding list may be a little light duty. Suggestion is to source some metal and top the existing wood benches. To be discussed further on the mailing list. Possible metal https://www.fhbrundle.co.uk/products/30188430__Mild_Steel_CR4_2500mm_x_1250mm_x_3_0mm

All workbenches should have wheels so the layout can be reconfigured.

Also the laser needs a flat metal bed.

Facebook Etiquette

Member requests are being vetted but it is hard to catch everyone.

Posts will be looked at on a case by case basis. Discussions about posts and other arguments shouldn't take place on facebook.

Equipment Training

  • Create bandsaw safety instructions and user guide. - Adam, Guy
  • Create table saw safety instructions and user guide. - Steve
  • Template for equipment information sheet. - Matt
  • Improve PPE storage. - Working party

3D Printer Location

Leave them where they are for now.


Next working party - wait until the heating is finished.