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The Ipswich Makerspace has a number of planned projects, which will be listed below.

In no particular order the current project include.

Project Status Leader/Contact Notes
Large scale Stargate Active/Looking for volunteers Stargate group. Steve, Martin, David, Adam, Jon, Mal
Open studio Complete Hannah
Metalworking Active Matt, Jason, Adam Awaiting worktables currently, then lathe needs the motor mounting, and the other tools need securing.
MPCNC CNC Planning & testing stage Jon/James CNC has been tweaked as far as it can be and could be used when needed. Things to do: New electronics case, new spoil board (with hold downs), make speeds & feeds chats for common materials.
Lab/wetroom area Planning stage Adam et al In limbo until lasers moved to new location.
Pottery area Planning stage  ? Awaiting flooring before worktables can be thought about. Wheel needed, as is a kiln; sources have appeared and disappeared so another will rise in time.
Blacksmithing area Setup stage (and back to some planning again) Adam, Aron, Matt et al Flooring is being prepared. Paperwork awaiting feedback so the remaining materials Adam needs to build the propane forge can be ordered. Hood pending for the charcoal forge, along with a bit of repair and welding.
Pi Wars 2020 Planning stage  ?
The Makerspace Open Day Planning stage/Sat 28th Sept 2019 Phil Call for makers posted 15/07, Link to flyer [1]
Large laser bed Motor replacement has arrived. Waiting on new bed Matt, Ben and David