Raspberry Pi work stations

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We currently have two Raspberry Pi works stations set up for members use. and many more Pi's in storage that could be set up if necessary. The Raspberry Pi's are of varying ages, the current models in use are a Model B+ and a Model 2 B. They are both running stock Raspbian and we aim to keep them up to date. Use will be on a first come first serve basis, but if they start to get particularly busy we may implement a booking system.

If using the stations please ensure you take away any data with you, we cannot be responsible for maintaining user data on the Raspberry Pi's and they may be reinstalled from scratch without notice.

Please do not take away equipment from these stations, i.e. the monitors keyboards, power supplies and any adaptors should all remain in place. If you wish to borrow equipment please ask a committee member, we may have stuff available in the stores.