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(((draft status only)))

(intended as a postscript/update to the current risk assessment)

Risk Who is affected Current actions Required Actions By whom By when
Injuries to feet from sharp debris on workshop floor or falling tools Members and visitors to the workshop risk injury if wearing inadequate footwear Members should wear adequate footwear if expecting to use the workshop. Unwisely shod members or visitors should be advised of the risk. All members Every meeting
Dust inhalation Members and visitors are exposed to dust whenever conducting or in the vicinity of abrasive woodworking Users doing more than trivial abrasive work are advised to wear filtration masks. Dust extraction systems have been set up and made as user friendly as possible. Ventilation should be installed when financially practical. Potentially an air filtration unit also. All members Every meeting
Power tool misusage Users may injure themselves or others if a tool is used incorrectly or inappropriately Users to be trained on tool usage before use is allowed. An in-workshop logsheet is to be kept by the tools for consultation as to who can train as well as who has been trained. All members Every meeting
Power tool malfunction or breakage Members and users may be injured if a tool malfunctions or breaks during use As a part of the training above, members would be expected to examine the tool prior to use to identify any obvious problems resulting from prior use, inappropriate setup for the intended task, or incorrect storage. An annual check of tools to identify potential issues and assess whether servicing/maintenance is required would be ideal. All members / Committee Every meeting / annually
Flammable insulation on workshop ceiling; polystyrene CNC testing materials If these ignited there would be a serious to catastrophic fire. Fire extinguishers to be sensibly and prominently sited. Members using the workshop should be aware of this issue and consider it, especially using thermal or pyrographic tools, or angle grinders. Grinders to be situated away from exposed polystyrene. Potentially a wooden ply skin could be put over the area near the workbench. Keyholder to be advised of any potentially hazardous activity to enable a specific double-check at lockup, eg for oilcloth disposal. All members Every meeting
Flammable or volatile cleaning chemicals Members risk injury or exposure if these are mishandled, misstored or spilt. Safe storage on floor level cupboard. Bottles labelled with prominent warnings. Small glass decanter bottle for acetone. Smaller bottles should be available for decanting into to remove the need to move several litres of solvents in an awkward bottle for any usage, and minimise hazard if the in-use bottle were spilled. Solvents are to be put away after use. All members Every meeting

This is the risk assessment carried out previously, dated 8th November 2017, these two need to be reviewed and merged.

What are the hazards? Who might be harmed and how? What are you ding already? Do you need to do anything else to mitigate risk By whom By when
Slips trips and falls Members and visitors may be injured if they trip over objects or slip on spillages
  • General good housekeeping
  • All areas are well lit, including stairs
  • Trailing leads or cables are moved or protected
  • Members keep work areas clear, eg no boxes left in walkways, deliveries stored quickly
  • Members to mop up or report spillages
  • Signage warning of slippery stairs
No actions required All members Every visit
Working at height Falls from any height can cause bruising and fractures
  • Never alone with working at height
  • Any ladders to be tied or footed
No actions required All members Every visit
Health of members in the club environment All members could be affected by factors such as lack of job control, bullying, not knowing their role etc. Promulgated Code of Conduct to all members No actions required Steering Committee At new member induction
Computers, laptops and similar equipment Members risk posture problems and pain, discomfort or injuries, eg to their hands/arms, from overuse or improper use or from poorly designed workstations or work environments. Headaches or sore eyes can also occur, eg if the lighting is poor.
  • Use workspaces sensibly.
  • Ensure adequate lighting.
All members Every meeting
Fire If trapped, members and visitors could suffer fatal injuries from smoke inhalation/burns.
  • Fire risk assessment has been completed and adequate fire safety measures are in place.
  • Regular checks made to ensure escape routes and fire exit doors are not obstructed.
  • All equipment turned off prior to locking up.
Steering / Operating Committee Monthly
Gas appliances Members could suffer from injury or ill health due to a poorly maintained gas appliance. Gas certificate to be displayed/available. Landlord Yearly
Work equipment Members could get electrical shocks or burns from using faulty electrical equipment. Members may also suffer injury from moving parts of equipment or unbalanced equipment.
  • All new equipment checked before first use to ensure there are no obvious accessible dangerous moving parts, or siting of the equipment does not cause additional hazards.
  • Members trained in use of equipment where necessary.
  • No member allowed to use equipment until they have been trained.
  • Damaged equipment to be reported immediately to Steering Committee
Create training log Item owner Monthly
Laser cutter Use of laser cutter
  • Laser cutter has airflow extracted to exterior
  • Machine cannot be operated with hood open
  • Operator must acquire "driving licence" prior to use
Operator and Item owner Monthly
Soldering Users of soldering iron Regular checks to ensure that Makerspace-owned devices are safe. Ensure iron is switched off before leaving workstation. Hazard warning notice at each workstation All members Yearly