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Ensure you are aware of the Health and Safety, Training and Tool Usage Policy and comply with them at all times. If you do not know how to use a piece of equipment or tool you must ask for the assistance of someone who does. Members must not operate hazardous equipment while their judgement or reaction times are impaired whether due to alcohol, drugs, or any other condition. You must not defeat or hack the safety features of any equipment and appropriate PPE must be used at all times. Report any issues with health and safety or emergency equipment to the keyholder ASAP. Raise any serious concerns to any Committee member.


If something is broken, report it to a committee member. If dirty, clean it. If misplaced, tidy it. You should aim to always leave the Makerspace in a better condition than you find it.

Clear up after yourself; put projects away, return tools to the correct locations, clear up piles of sawdust, wash up. Help with the general tidying (eg the bins, hoovering, cleaning the Workshop etc.

Changes or enhancements to the fabric of the building, the equipment, utilities and infrastructure should only be undertaken with permission of the Steering Committee.

It is a condition of our lease that the landlord has 15 minutes access to the garage. Anyone parking in front of the garage must leave their keys and give us permission to move their vehicle if required when leaving the premises for any period. Smoking or vaping is not permitted on Makerspace premises.


Compliance with UK law, local authority regulations, the conditions of our insurance and our lease is required at all times. If in doubt stop and ask a member of the Steering Committee

Under 18s may not enter the space without a responsible adult. Said responsible adult assumes all responsibility for the actions and safety of said minor. Anyone 18 or over may become a member.

Tools and Materials

Equipment should be treated with care and respect.

If a tool is damaged while you're using it, you must tell a Committee member. If you damage a tool due to misuse the Committee may ask you to contribute towards its replacement or repair - especially if the cause was avoidable and covered by training.

You must pay for consumables used including laser materials, printer filament, and tuck. Assume all materials and supplies are owned by the Makerspace and not for general use unless clearly indicated.

All waste must be disposed of correctly. This includes using the correct bins for recycling and general waste.Check material safety datasheets if you are unsure

Membership and Fees

Keep your membership up to date and ideally help the Makerspace by setting up a direct debit mandate.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all fees are paid promptly including meeting or monthly fees and membership renewals.


When donating items, consider carefully its true usefulness.

Seek permission from the Steering Committee prior to making any donations.


Members are allowed to store personal items in the space, but they must comply with the storage policy. The Makerspace accepts no liability for loss or damage of personal items stored at the space.

Internet and Social Media

The internet at the Makerspace is provided for fair use for legal and responsible activities and should not be abused. We reserve the right to monitor our internet traffic and restrict access.

The Makerspace social media channels are for the promotion of the Makerspace and to facilitate interaction between members. Remember that anything shared is public and will reflect on the Makerspace.Please avoid posts of political, religious or sexual nature. We reserve the right to remove posts that are deemed inappropriate without notice.

Intellectual Property

The free exchange of ideas, improvements, techniques, and processes is a fundamental benefit of the Makerspace community. Each member understands that it is his/her own decision whether to divulge any information regarding a member’s ideas, designs, processes, and the like and that each member does so, or does not do so, voluntarily.

Each member is responsible for the protection of their own intellectual property of whatever nature, and each member agrees that the Makerspace has no responsibility to protect any members’ intellectual property and no liability with respect to any member’s intellectual property.

Each member agrees that while at Ipswich Makerspace or using any of the Makerspace’s resources they will not knowingly infringe any intellectual property rights of another member or any third party, and if advised that any member activity does infringe any such rights the member will immediately cease the infringing activity.

No equipment, space, computers, or other resources of the Makerspace will be used in any way to infringe the intellectual property rights of others (including, specifically, the counterfeiting or duplication of any third-party’s products or designs).