Steering Committee Meeting 22/10/19

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  • Match funding
  • Facebook questions

Actions from last meeting:

  • JL to purchase Ender 3
  • JL to send out match funding list. All to review.
  • JL to look at consumables,
  • SC to produce list of needed woodwork equipment.
  • PW to talk to his guide contacts about badge.
  • SC to pitch for monitors and peripherals for the code Dojo.
  • TE to claim back money for PIs
  • TE to follow up with gardening group


Attendees: JL, TE, PW

  • Lighting and stairs still need to be looked at. Pods need to be built. This will take match funding money
  • Skeleton of lottery annual report has been sent round. due by the end of the year.
  • Look into metal working and blacksmithing equipment.
  • We should have facebook questions: What are your making interests? Why do you want to join Ipswich Makerspace?
  • Rotary have asked to come along on the 29th for a visit and discussion. Phil has suggested a coder dojo sessions for the scouts.
  • PW spoke to guide contacts, they are waiting to hear about other guide session from SC.
  • PW has produced cards.


  • All to attend lottery report session. Provisionally. 7th Novermber.
  • JL to Talk Mat about match funding equipment.
  • PW to add facebook questions.
  • JL to refresh the membership list.
  • JL to email people paying 15.