Steering Committee Meeting 30/05/19

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  • Match funding - what should we purchase
  • Membership fees
  • Risk Assessments for new activities
  • Plan for the new rooms upstairs
  • Open day
  • AGM


Attendees Steve Chalkley, Tim Elliot, Jon Leach, Phil Willis

  • Match funding. Purchase a CR10 and Radial arm drill and vice.
  • Fees have stayed the same for a while. Fees should be increased to 20 with a single 50 joining fee. This will take affect from the 1st September and be announced at the AGM. 15 for a concession. DD to be implemented. DD to be launched at the AGM.
  • Any new activity should be risk assessed before it is started.
  • Agree to build two pods upstairs and use the glass panels for this purpose.
  • We should arrange an open day and advertise through our contacts. 28th September proposed. 11:00 to 16:00
  • AGM to be held at 11:00 on 27th July.
  • Only steering committee members can be facebook admins.
  • Hannah is holding an open studio would be good to have people available.
  • Meeting minutes can only be changed through discussion with the attendees. Minutes should be ratified at the next meeting.


  • JL to provide a list of members for membership cards to be allocated at the AGM.
  • SC to investigate other options.
  • JL & PW to progress membership card automation
  • JL to implement Direct Debit in time for AGM
  • PW to organise open day
  • SC to finalise the accounts
  • PW to invoice the makerspace for museum guides
  • SC to ask around about who can be around for the open studio
  • TE to work on village hall roadshow idea
  • TE to talk to admin about facebook admin rights
  • JL to purchase CR10 and radial arm drill