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Some of the suppliers we use:


  • CPC - electronic components and more. Makerspace members can get discounts, please ask Keith Ellis before ordering
  • Dawn Robotics - Robots, sensors etc - Now out of business
  • The Pi Hut - a Suffolk based supplier of Robotics, Raspberry Pi and Arduino equipment.
  • Pimoroni - Pibow cases and other Pi/Arduino related stuff
  • Rapid - electronic components and also sponnsor of our winning PiWars 2014 entry.
  • SK Pang - all sorts of eletronic components and sensors
  • Ryanteck - Lots of Pi related products including a number of his own designs. Also including a 3D printing service


  • Cedarcroft Productions A local lasercutter with facilities to cut and etch A3 sized material, including hardbaord and acrylic - Unfortunately this laser cutter is now out of action. If you need anything laser cut please ask and we might be able to help you out.
  • Ragwork UK manufactured PCB's with a weekly turnaround.
  • OSH Park Cheap good quality PCB's from the USA, with a turnaround of usually 2-3 weeks.
  • Ryanteck 3D printing service
  • Kitronik - Various electronic supplies and also materials suitable for laser cutting


  • RobotShop - Good supply of quality motors and motor controller boards amongst other useful stuff.
  • CamJam EduKit 3 - A simple robotics kit for the Raspberry Pi, just add Raspberry Pi and batteries