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(The items linked here are probably the lowest available price, but due to the quantity of data I've been digging through I cannot do exhaustive searches on everything so this is not currently certain.)

Originally this page was a simple listing of what we might want in a grant, but has grown into a comprehensively costed listing for application purposes. Where possible, tools are emphasised over materials. The idea is to increase the range of our abilities, via either new avenues or extending capabilities of current equipment.

The table has delusions of being a spreadsheet and does almost clever things. Edit carefully if you have to!

NOTE: If you wish to add to the Wishlist proper, please head to the end of the page - much of the current content is frozen as a grant application is now in progress. In particular this is where the hand tools list is brewing, to replace Steve's toolbag with our own set.

Council Grant wishlist/totals page is [here] if still needed for reference. The Wishlist is currently brewing the Lottery application, under the assumption that the Council Grant succeeded fully. Note that it is now slightly outdated as the lathe is no longer required, freeing ~£164.39 for other purposes (hopefully craft related ones, especially textiles, specifically dressmaking and other costumery).

David has promised a resin kitlist, this will go into Essential Materials when available. It's not a blocking number as we should hopefully have flexibility regarding what materials we buy. He's also suggested a casting workshop at some point this year.

Budget category is for grant purposes, and automatic totalling. By the same token Cost is cleaned line cost eg 3 * goggles at '£3-5ish' == 3*4 == £12. For specifically costed items that only one are needed of, this is a duplicate of Price.


 Woodworking T&E (Replacement hand tools, air filtration, bandsaw, radial arm drill, minimill for stretch)
 Main Room T&E (Rapid kitlist is one bay's worth. Assuming one bay included in this grant for now, for eventually three top notch bays in total)
 Maintenance and Improvement (Lighting needed)
 Essential Materials (Same as last time - wood, filament, resin, screws, solder, etc. Requesting input from all concerned parties about woodstock, paints and finishes.)

Some tools span room usage or purpose, eg calipers are used for more than woodwork, gloves all sorts, but until category numbers need adjusting I'm using which room it'll be stored in as the delimiter.

Please do not change table structure. Javascript automatically updates '£subtotal' fields based on cell position/indexes.

Heading +' Later' eg 'Woodworking T&E Later' is valid; it lets me keep things in the list that are for a later time/grant/too much for this one's budget/etc.

Item Type Budget Category Description Rationale / Notes Price Cost URL
Hand tools Tools Workshop T&E Replacement hand tools Close estimate for mostly costed hand tool list + a few measurement tools. £200.00 £200.00 hand tools
Angle Grinder Stand Tool Workshop T&E Angle grinder + chop saw For heavier metal work and when the mitre saw has a fine blade in. Can fill many roles depending on equipped discs. £21.23 £21.23 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wolfcraft-5019000-Angle-Grinder-Stand-NEW/282047893785
Radial Drill Tool Workshop T&E Extendable powerful drill Deeper throat and greater depth. Also means the current drill can be dedicated and set up for a given purpose eg lowspeed metalwork. £326.00 £326.00 https://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-hobby-series-ahrd16b-bench-radial-drill-101928
Riveter Tool Workshop T&E Hand-held riveter Also comes with variously sized rivets. £19.84 £19.84 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Draper-27848-2-Way-Hand-Riveter-Kit-Pop-Rivet-Gun-Hand-Riviter-Tool-New-19782/391987393786
Workshop T&E Subtotal: £subtotal
Minimill Tool Workshop T&E Stretch A milling machine Very versatile. Might be irrelevant if Ben lends his metal CNC? £902.51 £902.51 https://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-model-engineer-series-sx2-mini-mill-505099
Cross Vise (hopefully council granted) Utility Workshop T&E Stretch A cross vice for the drill press. Irreplaceable for precision tasks. £47.98 £47.98 https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-4-inch-cross-vice-ccv4c/
Workshop T&E Stretch Subtotal: £subtotal
Soldering Station Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Atten ST-60 Premium Intelligent Soldering Station 60W £82.15 £82.15 https://www.rapidonline.com/85-6924
Soldering Tip Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Atten 900M-T-0.8 900M Series Soldering Tip Chisel 0.8mm £2.99 £2.99 https://www.rapidonline.com/85-6942
Soldering Tip Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Atten 900M-T-2.4 900M Series Soldering Tip Chisel 2.4mm £2.99 £2.99 https://www.rapidonline.com/85-6938
Soldering Tip Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Atten 900M-T-2C 900M Series Soldering Tip Sloped 2mm £2.99 £2.99 https://www.rapidonline.com/85-6944
Tip Cleaner Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Xytronic 460 Brass Wool Solder Tip Cleaner £4.77 £4.77 https://www.rapidonline.com/85-0626
Tip Cleaner Refill Consumable Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Xytronic 459 Brass Wool Solder Tip Cleaner Refill £1.67 £1.67 https://www.rapidonline.com/85-0628
Solder Consumable Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Rapid Solder Wire 60/40 22SWG 0.7mm 100g Reel £4.67 £4.67 https://www.rapidonline.com/85-0592
Solder Consumable Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Rapid Lead-Free Solder Wire 22SWG 0.7mm 100g Reel £5.09 £5.09 https://www.rapidonline.com/85-1166
Pliers Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist CK Tools T3889 Ecotronic ESD Long Snipe Nose Pliers £9.99 £9.99 https://www.rapidonline.com/93-3421
Cutters Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist CK Tools T3887 Ecotronic ESD Side Cutters £10.40 £10.40 https://www.rapidonline.com/93-3419
Lamp Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Xytronic JF-33CB Superior Illuminated Lamp £69.33 £69.33 https://www.rapidonline.com/86-3333
Power Supply Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Uni-T UTP3705S 0-32V 5A DC Power Supply 2 Channel £178.94 £178.94 https://www.rapidonline.com/85-4048
Multimeter Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Uni-T Intelligent Digital Multimeters UT71B £118.73 £118.73 https://www.rapidonline.com/85-4065
Screwdriver Set Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Wera 05030170001 1578A/6 6-Piece ESD Kraftform Micro Screwdriver Set £20.06 £20.06 https://www.rapidonline.com/54-7139
Ruler Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist CK Tools T3530 12 Steel Rule 300mm/12" £6.23 £6.23 https://www.rapidonline.com/86-1480
Stabby Thing Tool Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Stanley 0-10-150 SM9 Snap Off Blade Knife 9mm £1.82 £1.82 https://www.rapidonline.com/86-0054
Refill for Stabby Thing Consumable Main Room T&E Steve’s Kitlist Stanley 0-11-300 Snap Off Replacement Blades 9mm - Pack Of 10 £2.78 £2.78 https://www.rapidonline.com/86-0055
Main Room T&E Subtotal: £subtotal
Filament Consumable Main Room T&E Stretch Printer Filament 4 Rolls of filament £20.95 £83.80 https://shop.3dfilaprint.com/filaprint-dark-blue-premium-pla-175mm-3d-printer-filament-1277-p.asp
Main Room T&E Stretch Subtotal: £subtotal
Air filtration unit Fitting Maintenance and Improvement Air / dust filtration for the workshop This can happily sit on the winch girder £394.04 £394.04 http://www.axminster.co.uk/jet-afs-1000b-air-filtration-system-310481
Lighting - cable trays Fixture Maintenance and Improvement Main Room lighting 5.45 per 3m tray; 11.5m*3 coverage needed. £5.45 £65.40 https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/cable-trays-baskets/7989414/
Lighting - wiring Fixture Maintenance and Improvement Main Room lighting Reel of wire - price currently invented £50 £50
Lighting - light fixtures Fixture Maintenance and Improvement Main Room lighting Actual lights - are bulbs included? - price currently invented £150 £150
Workshop Ventilation Fitting Maintenance and Improvement Air in/extraction for the workshop Extraction fans would probably have to be fitted through the window in each side. Landlord has agreed to fund half cost of fitting. Number completely invented. £100 £100
Maintenance and Improvement Subtotal: £subtotal Recent total: £937.70
Carpet Furnishing Maintenance and Improvement Later Carpet tiles for the main room See breakdown in section below. £11.76pm2 * 54 £635.04 Wishlist#Carpet
Maintenance and Improvement Later Subtotal: £subtotal
Laser Materials Consumables Essential Materials Laser food Everything that the Laser eats. Notably no plywood currently. £128.60 £128.60 See breakdown below Wishlist#Materials_.2F_Consumables.
Component kits Consumables Essential Materials Components Misc assorted components which we mostly lack, at least that we can find. £19.62 £19.62 See breakdown below Wishlist#Materials_.2F_Consumables.
Essential Materials Subtotal: £subtotal
Total £tree.fiddy

In progress...

Materials / Consumables.

Assuming we have spare change in the grant, what house stock do we want to soak it up with? This is also useful as a bargaining tool so we can 'haggle down' if needed, by removing things that we didn't really need in the first place. It should all be justifiable, but some rationale relate more strongly to some aspects of 'revitalisation' than others.

- Filament; any in particular? Assuming 4 reels of https://shop.3dfilaprint.com/filaprint-dark-blue-premium-pla-175mm-3d-printer-filament-1277-p.asp or similar colours until someone weighs in. 1.75 and 2.85 are the same price (£20.95). Also free sample filaments per reel. 
- Shrapnel kits (Total £59.96);

- Component kits (Total: £19.62); (Resistors and LEDs we're bloody swimming in.)
  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/50PCS-NE555P-NE555-DIP-8-SINGLE-BIPOLAR-TIMERS-IC-factory-price/191736574139 £1.18 !
  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20PCS-IC-LM386N-LM386-AMP-AUDIO-PWR-MONO-8DIP-NEW-/191770597900 £0.99
- Laser ply, mdf, acrylic and friends. Laser ply still needs adding here (Total: £128.60)
  https://www.kitronik.co.uk/4710-fp-fluorescent-perspex-sheet-3mm-x-297mm-x-210mm-a4-bulk-pack.html x2 £28.80 
  https://www.kitronik.co.uk/4700-sp-opaque-perspex-sheet-3mm-x-297mm-x-210mm-a4-bulk-pack.html x2 £42.00
  https://www.kitronik.co.uk/3226-3mm-laser-compatible-medite-mdf-600mm-x-300mm-sheet.html x20 £18.00
  https://www.kitronik.co.uk/4720-clear-perspex-sheet-3mm-x-297mm-x-210mm-a4.html x 10 £19.90
  https://www.kitronik.co.uk/4705-black-opaque-perspex-sheet-3mm-x-297mm-x-210mm-a4.html x 10 £19.90
- Wood dyes, paints? Steve said some were missing - if I know which we can replace them? Spray paint is always useful eventually. A good ebony dye would be very nice.
- Lumber; any specifics? Plywood, CLS, pine planks ?
- Kitchen etc
  - cleaning materials
  - teabags / coffee
  - blueroll
- Catering expenses for volunteer workers is allowable in some grants. Point to consider for working party days.

To research / add:

For the lottery grant (see also Grants#Priorities):

Passive air filtration. Bloody useful and it could be considered under a few grant budget headings as accountancy requires. http://www.axminster.co.uk/jet-afs-500-air-filtration-system-310483 £304.25 - or one twice as effective for £90 more - http://www.axminster.co.uk/jet-afs-1000b-air-filtration-system-310481 £394.04 Other options are certainly available. Filters and mounting gubbins will also be needed for whichever is chosen.

The workshop is currently using Steve's toolkit for hand tool supply. Eventually we should replace this with our own - a decently equipped toolbox is about £150-200. See bottom of page for initial Lottery costings.

The same applies for the hand power tools. Pending discussion on loaning policy to avoid wasting a few grand.

It may be worth investing in a 3D printer that allows something otherwise new, eg a huge print bed, or multiple extruders. In particular, soluble filament would open new doors.

Lesser importance:

Small craft tools. To be costed.

Screen printing equipment. Digital and/or oldschool? This is a beast I am unfamiliar with. Space is also a factor. A 'starter kit' seems to be about £60, but is mostly consumables. If someone with time and preferably interest could research this I'd appreciate it, I'm oversaturated with research as it is.

A 'better' front door camera. Awaiting thoughts from Jon. We have potentially been offered a free replacement from Sir James, uncertain as to timeframe or quality though.

Long-term consumables may be worth investing in. In particular, paints, wood dyes and finishes spring to mind. On a related note, also paintbrushes.

Building infrastructure

For grants that are usable for construction materials. Need to measure roof area, carpet area, and rafter shelf length and height. Check for damp issues under there too...

Artist's impression of proposed shelving. Rumours of a magic carpet launch silo are entirely unsubstantiated.

The Under Rafter shelves

 Ply, assume  18x1220x2440mm 5 * £34.99 ; £174.93 (a lot of flat surface to cover here)
 CLS, 3 * £2.50 ; £7.50
 Casters, assume 8 bays * £4.29 pack 4 casters ; £34.32
 Screws, 500 * 1; £4.99


CLS: 45cm * 7 * 2; 6.3m / 2.4m = 3 beams; £7.50. If we need support under, 2 * 5.6 = 11.2 / 2.4m = 5 beams; +£12.50

Plywood: 80cm * 120cm * 6 = 2 sheets, 5.6m * 80cm = +3 sheets. Technically can do 2 sheets but the joints would be everywhere.

It might be worth giving each 'bay' a plastic or fabric curtain to stop dust getting back there, otherwise boxes and such will become dust traps. This may potentially affect air movement and thus damp issues though. Prices are from Wickes. Are we limiting this enterprise to one side only? Assuming so for now.


https://www.diy.com/departments/colours-cornflower-carpet-tile/81105_BQ.prd for no particular reason other than cost and vaguely similar colour.

The uncarpeted area is 5.6M by 8.8M. Tiles are .5M so rounding up to 6 by 9; halftiles will mean we have some left over but a few spares are not a bad thing.

In total, £11.76 per square meter for 54 square meters ... £635.04 Facebook Marketplace seems an erratic but good value source of cheap tiles.


They are our main outlay. In theory we should use grants that allow such use for as much of them as we can, to free up member dues for sustainability purposes, but past a point the grant proposal won't look exciting enough to be approved. Each grant varies in what is allowable, and their attitude towards overhead costs.

Monthly costs:

Rent: £437
Insurance: £60


Internet: £66
Electricity and gas: £shedloads

Annual Costs:

Landlord Insurance: £275

Irregular costs:

Boiler Servicing: £unknown
Accountancy: £unknown

Things that would be very nice but we can probably build or bodge:

https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-4-inch-cross-vice-ccv4c/ £47.98 , solid cross vice. Adam is currently brewing something out of scraps and dreams for the drill press but it won't be as sturdy!

https://www.screwfix.com/p/triton-tsps450-450w-oscillating-spindle-sander-240v/1417k £120 , Bobbin sander. Wonderful for anything non-flat, but we could in theory make our own.

The 'Magic Money Wand' Section

Lottery Grant


  • Main room electronics bays. Assuming the same as last time - £525.60.
  • Basic workshop toolkit - about £200 when including measuring gubbins, see below.
  • Overheads. As needed to fill numbers, up to half of the grant or so.
  • The workshop roof. Rough estimate but quotes are needed - this might not make it into the grant application but we should still have the information and option. £1,500-£2,500
  • Air filtration unit - http://www.axminster.co.uk/jet-afs-1000b-air-filtration-system-310481 £394.04

Non-critical but lovely:

To Cost

  • Lighting in the main room
  • Ventilation fan for the workshop - landlord has offered to half-fund this!

Which consumables? Same as last time?

Main Room Additions

  • Sharpies.
  • More drawing equipment - I've equipped us with basic geometry and stationery, but curve rulers would be excellent.
  • Cutting mats
  • Metal rulers with nonslip backing
  • Actual scalpels, and a more rugged general craft knife

Craft 'starter kits'

To expand options.

  • Leatherwork
  • Wirework
  • Papercraft
  • Painting/finishing. Brushes, pallets and solvents etc.

Workshop Equipment

Hand tools

Initial faffing for a basic toolbox loadout. Currently exported from a Wilko basket; other vendors are available.

 Wilko Combination Square 305mm * 2 £12.00
 Wilko Centre Punch 2pieces £2.75
 Wilko Bradawl 140mm £1.50
 Wilko Nail Punch 2pieces £3.00
 Wilko Gimlet 8mm £2.25
 Stanley Plier Set 3 Piece £15.00
 Wilko Combination Spanner Set 6piece £8.00
 Wilko Locking Wrench Drop Forged 254mm £5.00
 Wilko Professional Hacksaw 12in £8.75
 Wilko Coping Saw Blades 5 Assorted £6.00
 Wilko Screw Puller 6 x 100mm £2.00
 Wilko Hand Saw Soft Grip Handle 550mm £7.00
 Wilko Junior Hacksaw 6in £3.50
 Wilko Tenon Saw Soft Grip Handle 250mm £5.00
 Wilko Double Drive Screwdriver Set 49 Piece £20.00
 Wilko Allen Key 14pieces £4.00
 Wilko Pin Hammer 4oz £5.25
 Wilko Ball Pein Hammer 8oz £7.00
 Wilko Claw Hammer Fibreglass 16oz £6.50
 Wilko Carpenters Pincers Drop Forged 6in £4.00
 Wilko Wood Chisel Set £6.00
 Wilko Straight Cut Aviation Snips 10in £5.50
 Tri mitre square £4.50
 Wilko Interior Mallet 16oz £4.50
 Wilko Sledge Hammer 3Lb £12.00
 Wilko Wooden Mallet 4in £4.25

Wilko disallow online shopping for some pointy things, so an awl and Stanley knife are also needed. We need an actual tool storage device too - I'm considering building a mobile toolstand rather than having things in a heap on the floor.

Current total £165.25.

I'd suggest that we keep Steve's toolbag around for now, along with mine, but that any tools used from either are made a note of. After a while we'll build up a clearer picture of what else we need to add to ours.

Other useful related things: