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Ipswich Makerspace has equipment and machines, some of which require specialist knowledge and experience to use safely.


Training is important, if not done correctly, equipment could be used incorrectly resulting in members becoming injured, seriously harmed or even injured fatally. In addition, equipment could become damaged, taking it out of action potentially putting the future sustainability of the Makerspace in jeopardy.

This policy sets out how training for the various pieces of equipment held at Ipswich Makerspace is to be managed. It covers:

  • Selection of trainers
  • Recording of trainers and training
  • Request for training
  • Training material

Selection of trainers

It is important that those entrusted with the training of members are suitable and competent to do so. To ensure the safety of all members, the Steering Committee will hold a register of carefully selected trainers. These trainers will be selected on several criteria, the important ones being:

  • Confident, personable and able to clearly articulate the important messages
  • Have suitable knowledge and experience on the equipment they are to train on
  • Demonstrate to the steering committee they fully understand the equipment, how it works and how to use it.

Recording of trainers and training

To demonstrate trainers have been suitably selected, the steering committee will record the appointment of trainers, including written evidence of suitability. A register of current trainers will be maintained and reviewed yearly. A register of trained members and the equipment on which they are trained will also be maintained. The Steering Committee retain the right to withdraw a trainer’s appointment at any time.

Request for training

Requests for training will be directed to the appointed trainers, the trainers will manage training how they see fit.

Training material

Training material will be prepared by the trainers and presented to the steering committee for record purposes and for uploading to the wiki for future reference. The training material must be clear and easy to understand. It is the responsibility of the trainer to ensure that the member/s being trained have understood the material and the trainer is confident the member/s are safe to use the equipment upon which they have been trained. The trainer must notify the Steering Committee within one week of any training completed with the name of the member/s and the equipment upon which they have been trained. The Steering committee with add the details to the central training records.