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Semi urgent tasks:

A costed list from Amazon et al of what else we might want as 'house stock' for laser materials; Wishlist#Materials_.2F_Consumables <-- Amazon Plywood costing is needed still. Is anything else needed there? Do we need another security camera or are we going to see how things unfold first?

Could we get Navbox here to aid page unity? Top of for installation instructions. Much appreciated!


Update: liase/nag Steve about returning the feeble thing

Fairly sure this is the bearing type we need for the bandsaw , however I have no idea how we can remount it to the shaft;

Requisition requests

Consumaterials: <-- might be worthwhile also

Acrylic paints - wilko acrylic 200ml tubes are very good value. A full range would cost £21 (each tube is about £2) but we would 'donation cost' at about say 50p per shot glass (30ml ish) to re-fund that. Example: - Again I can get when passing.


low capacity USB sticks ? Might be worth getting some 4gb ones for impromptu ISO creation / data luggage.


Some more acorn nuts would be useful, I think we have M8 presently? I'll ask Russ if he has a couple more kicking about spare, or for the exact size if not. I think these are the right ones though;

Laser switch - I assume it can handle the throughput? Blue cover & green LED is in stock atm

However we also need a new nozzle to house it in. Reason being we'll have to graft a metal tube onto it to carry the air assist down over that distance. Depending on the 4" one, we may later want a 7.5" as well, which would also need a different nozzle. The effective cutting profile for that would be about an inch! The kerf is wider though, and the beam profile 'rougher'. 4" is a good kerf/depth compromise, it's more like a jigsaw than a sabre saw.

Likely head candidate:

Tool cart requirements:

  • Casters
  • Tool clips
  • Rare earth magnets

Dealer's choice as to varieties. No rush either as we ideally need to wait until we have our own hand tool set before constructing this. Speaking of tools, please review / add to the workshop hand tool list.

(You may wish to watch Replenishment_Requests when we get enough people using it.)

Misc reminders

Relay socket - would be lovely if possible?

New pages to review

(there are more but some aren't finished yet)

Kitchen and Main_Room (BOTH NEW) would appreciate help fleshing these two out a bit

Maintenance (NEW)

New_Member_Guide (NEW)

Replenishment_Requests newish but updated recently

Donations (new but nothing that new. tl:dr; check we actually want stuff first, especialy big or scary stuff)

Documentation to review

Tool_Usage_Policy (updated again to read as user-friendly)

Keyholder_Policy (NEW)

Health_and_Safety_Policy (updated slightly)



Documentation to create

Shutdown checklist

  • The 2D printer should probably feature on it