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Keeping the Makerspace clean, tidy and in good order is a significant challenge, and the front line in this battle is organisation and curation of inventory. If you are considering bringing any item to the space that you do not intend to keep in your personal storage then follow these handy check lists.

Big items

  • A big item is one that doesn't fit in your box.
  • You must be a member to store a big item.
  • To store a big item you must get permission first.

Item Donations

Before donating, use the following points as a guide:

  • Is it on our list of things we need, replenishment requests, or the wishlist? - if it is then bring it in, thank you! If the item is not then check with us first (either in person or via Facebook) before bringing it into the Space.
  • Will you be upset if it is thrown away? - While we take care to use all our resources as best we can, for some of them that may eventually entail removal, resale or salvage. If this does not appeal then it might be better not to donate the item; consider loaning it instead.
  • Does it meet any of the following criteria? - If it doesn't then we probably do not want or need it currently - but thanks for thinking of us!:
    • Item is a useful tool that we are likely to use.
    • Item is a common part/component that is not scrap.
    • Item is in working order and has a reasonable resale value.
    • Item can be easily stripped for high value parts.
  • Will the Makerspace accept the donation? - if you bring items to the space with the intention of donating them without first checking with us, then the items are still in your ownership, and it is your personal responsibility to dispose of them once you're asked to do so. This is especially true if the item is large, toxic, a lizard, or otherwise challenging to dispose of.

Other option: Facebook

If the item isn't needed by the space but you still think it's of value and can't bear to throw it away, then you could try making a post on the Facebook group and someone might get in touch to take it off your hands.

Loaning items to the space

  • Items for loan follow the same process as donated items. It is definitely a good idea to label the item: 'On loan - <your name>' so that you can be consulted should questions arise regarding its storage and use.