Things We Need

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Mostly equipment. See Replenishment Requests for consumables and other things we had, but now need again, and the wishlist for things we want but expect to have to buy.


  • Welder, any sort considered!
  • Bandsaw, any working sort considered.
  • Spray / sandblasting booth. We could probably make one, if someone wished to volunteer.


  • A gas oven would be handy. Ours has lost temperature regulation in the main oven; it's gas mark 11 or bust.
  • Additional kitchen equipment, especially a masher. Needed more for brewing than cooking currently!
  • Brewing equipment, especially a bottle tree
  • Graphics cards - RAM quantity is more important than speed.
  • Any dressmaking paraphernalia; shears, rulers, patterns, chalk, etc.
  • An anvil. Or a comparable chunk of metal. A slice of rail would work well too, even an old sledgehammer head. Or a large drawing pin? Anyone?
  • Electrical hand tools and test equipment
  • Helping hands
  • Kiln. Not something we can use now, but maybe later...

Things we can build

And as always...

  • Wood of almost any calibre
  • Hackable & useful junk / components for the communal stockpiles. ( “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” --Thomas Edison )

Virtual Things