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Want to help make the space? There are always things that need hacking at, tidying, fixing, investigating, or flat out throwing away.

The incoming donations area usually has a motley array of nonsense in it that needs testing, triaging, fixing, salvaging, throwing out, or some combination thereof.

Working_Parties#Lesser_Tasks also contains a list of minor tasks that can be done during operating hours.

Software & setup

  • Get the vinyl cutter working - some software has arrived, testing is needed.
  • The PCs need some tinkering again; PC3/Centre (nearest grey cupboard) seems to only output VGA (or the monitor ignores DVI). It might be a BIOS setting issue; ignore the top graphics ports!
  • PC2/Back (middle of the 3 PCs) seems to overscan; likely either graphics settings or monitor issue, but nothing obvious. DVI use may fix it.


  • Generally compact and tessellate Palletron; about half of the space is dead and could be more efficiently used, with uncommonly needed resources lower down in the stacks.
  • The Laser PSU needs properly attaching, and the new Air Assist Control System (TM) needs installing
  • Sort out the the boxes of donations/cabley nonsense on Palletron. Right hand side of the middle shelf.