Steering Committee Meeting 25/06/19

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Actions from last meeting

  • JL to provide a list of members for membership cards to be allocated at the AGM.

provided link from the membership system

  • SC to investigate other options.

not started

  • JL & PW to progress membership card automation

in progress

  • JL to implement Direct Debit in time for AGM

in progress

  • PW to organise open day

in progress, requests gone out

  • SC to finalise the accounts

in progress. targeted for monday

  • PW to invoice the makerspace for museum guides


  • SC to ask around about who can be around for the open studio

completed. TE, PW and MT attended

  • TE to work on village hall roadshow idea

started lines of enquires, wrong time of year expecting more around September.

  • TE to talk to admin about facebook admin rights


  • JL to purchase CR10 and radial arm drill

purchased, will now progress with the claiming

This meeting

  • Coder dojo is happening at the museum in August. there will be no July sessions at the makerspace. Help is needed to man this as well as move equipment. PW can help on Friday.
  • The website needs a new caretaker.
  • AGM Agenda
    • State of the Makerspace
    • Thank you
    • Price increase
    • Formalities - handbook, membership agreement, stretch goal - key-holder agreement.
    • Ask for feedback
  • Direct debit should be collected on the 1st of the month. May need an ad-hoc process to deal with people that have renewed recently. some people only want to pay the monthly fees for a period of time and switch between this and meeting payments. We will continue with the £50 renewal per year and charge £20 per month. strongly encourage direct debits. Include meeting payments. investigate options for using card/different readers to log manual payments.
  • Costs for blacksmithing equipment is around £200 half of this is match funded. This should first go through the process for new equipment.


  • KE - to speak to Mel about coder dojo at the museum and logistics.
  • JL - to ask for volunteers at the OC for the website.
  • All - attend workshop in the 4th July 18:30 to work on handbook and agreements.
  • SC - to chase up people who haven't paid.
  • JL - to carry on with DD system and circulate rules.
  • KE - Talk to Aron and Adam about blacksmithing project.