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 choco feature enable -n allowGlobalConfirmation
 choco install firefox 7zip inkscape malwarebytes python2 slic3r-prusa autodesk-fusion360 treesizefree 

dot test image - find optimal focus depths
test 45% power speeds for test pattern on moly and calsulph, 30 60 90 120 150
try a crest on helios, mdf? high speed, maybe 15% power
need to work out top speed for details, try 25 50 100 150 200 250 300 with simple test pattern

Misc todo, standardise air compressor fittings/attachments. Matt also on the case.


make new helios cap for extending air blast to long-focus work

lightblade DTB?

offset white paper for box
file edges, remove base.
silicone top on?
triage cost list for Big Stuff;
 a3 laminator
 a3 printer
 that vinyl cutter. check fb history for thoughts
 forge construction materials
 anvil tools

 ACN hardware - details needed on what though. Maybe Phil?
 CAT5 reel, or two. 40t 30bore
 dimmer for grinder;

Preferred vendors:

 sanding pad/board. ask Guy re ones that won't self-destruct.


craft area;

sewing machine!

 hand tool set/s. I ? clay abuse set


 instructable list

 mask, other ppe?

 40w tube (thinklaser maybe?)

 rapid basket. rapid version available?  79.99 22.29

Infrastructure priorities:

 A second PIR sensor needs adding to illuminate the stairway lamp before you're in range to headbutt the damn thing.
 Sidelights would be nice, but not critical given other concerns.

 Security system needs finishing; PIR sensors need adding.
 Expansion needs planning, as Doorman would probably move downstairs.
 If users use membership cards to swipe in, that allows access logging, membership status validation (eg green led lights for monthly member, yellow meeting payment, red for unrecognised / expired / etc

  Needs offsite caching of Notable Events as defined by Doorman information.
  Downstairs needs cameras too, new cctv hub likely required also

User system
 Payment system needs integrating with membership. Current method won't scale.
 Likewise, all keyholders need access to the membership system for reference and the conscription/banking email
 User groups will be essential, if not already finished

Access control nodes
 Membership cards are inserted to allow tool usage / door operation based on user groups.
 Usage logging is simple so should be done
 Investigate source for code & hooks. Hardware requirements?

Secure regions:

  Office (move grey cupboard into here?)

  Lab door (or at the very least, chemical & specialist glassware cupboards)

 draw knife
 sorby, marples, mathieson. likely ebay best bet.

Misc tools:
 plastic & wood wet clayworking kit
 CR10(s) ? :|

show expenditure and membership gains on the graph
new cogs/square shaft
pick card
ballista test
box lid? dual laserplys in rails?
print holddown
WP updates. fb feed broken. needs piwars updates.
photo of laser tube?
enq re van availability
vinyl cutter software?
Test viking box on Helios for 6mm - new setup should make it more efficient. pin joints possible? kerf bending an option now?
clean lens and check orientation
ramp focal test on Selene, 20-16mm.

test ebonizing;
shougi , dye, then both!
engraving dying, aging?

basic box types, demo cuts. 5cm etc.
new clock gears.
ballista faffery
skybox lid & insert
inventor unwrapping

test cnc with solid block, box carving? pathing needed.

table saw;

  • Featherboard? evaluate strength of runners. stacked or thicker mdf? test offset cutting.
  • zero clearance inlay, test.
  • sled
    • runners
    • T bar model needs prepping


  • check alignment
  • test high power defocussed scanning doing something
  • calibrate output when possible.
vertical hole drilling jig. paralellerellel fence/guide, CLS hinged atop with a range of hole sizes pressed through widthways. lockable hinge to allow centre dialing.
haft jig?
design housing for hummingbird  - test slotted springsteel snippet grafting onto metal & efficiacy

coin sorter - dxf etc

laser blog post;

 bed, flexible, reflective aluminium. iron sheet much preferable
 bed lifters wobble wildly. caps fixed that.
 hex mesh prevents airflow under work.
 no crossflow of air due to limited inflow
 wildly misaligned aperture on final mirror
 lens dirty with tape test residue on top
 airflow valve position is such that it itself impedes flow even when fully open
 'KH' tube - could be just about anything from anywhere really.
 water pump - suspend rather than try to shock absorb
 laser aimer useless at other focal depths; crosshair or led ring the laser entry aperture
 bed alignment
 broken wire in drag chain

 PSU. ghost lines on scans caused by miswiring.
 PSU, flyback transformer failed and arcing.

coasters / trivets.
maybe separate logo into outer and inner parts.
stencil for spanner?
test etching in grid form, two factors a time.



Main room page - add / update photos maybe?

New pages; why and how to join

fusion 101

Main Site

Old content, general livening up. Needs to project active, lively space. Diversity of interests & projects.

Continue grand fishing campaigns.

Policies and Paperwork

Misc Orphans




Doorman , WiP... retrieve it from Jon?



Misc Misc

Demo stuff


kerf book
clock, obviously.