Steering Committee Meeting 23/07/19

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Attendees: JL, PW, SC and TE

Actions from last meeting

  • KE - to speak to Mel about coder dojo at the museum and logistics.
  • JL - to ask for volunteers at the OC for the website.
  • All - attend workshop in the 4th July 18:30 to work on handbook and agreements.
  • SC - to chase up people who haven't paid.
  • JL - to carry on with DD system and circulate rules.
  • KE - Talk to Aron and Adam about blacksmithing project.

This meeting

TE sends his apologies for the AGM OC to take over the calendar for opening the Makerspace Workshop organisation needs planning. Simon has purchased us a LORA node, this needs to be installed. At next working party:

  • Meeting room needs painting, floor needs scrubbing and carpet installing.
  • PCs and monitors under the workbench need to be sorted or disposed of.
  • Tip run.
  • More member storage.

Cameras will be installed on the infrastructure evening.


  • PW and JL to finalise AGM agenda.
  • TE to review email to the OC from SC.
  • TE to talk with members about craft group.
  • PW to open up next craft group.
  • TE to be the grant co-ordinator and contact the lottery and keep+.
  • SC to finalise the accounts with Ben.