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Proposed for future working parties.

This is also the de facto Job List. The distinction between Lesser and Major tasks is simply whether it can be completed whilst the Space is open without major disruption to the users, not time or effort required. If you wish to help, pick something from Lesser and get stuck in!

Upcoming Party job lists

Past lists

Major Tasks

  • Sort and clean the workshop.
  • Sort out the corner by the door
  • Paint the stairs with the extra-grip paint
  • Sort out the doorbell. Yet again.
  • Build under-eaves racking
  • Relocate the shelf contents (after sorting) to said racking
  • Improve lighting
  • Inventory list to be created / updated. There are new additions to the Workshop, and asset listing seemingly stopped after the grey cupboard was itemised.
  • Lay a false/drop ceiling to keep heat at a useful height. Materials need discussion and then sourcing.
  • Put the insulation in the workshop somewhere more useful.
  • (Re)wire the kitchen. [In progress!]
  • And presumably some gap filling and then painting would be required.
  • We also need to paint more of the ceiling. We have extendable rollers and pogo sticks; choose your weapon wisely.
  • The Workshop is pretty musty from condensation under the roof. We need to work out some long-term solution to this. [Double glazing has been costed for grant purposes, roof insulation and ventilation fan pending.]
  • Tidy up. Some PR photos of the place then looking sensible would be useful too
  • Tile the kitchen wall above the sink
  • Remove the van from the ceiling
  • Get all 3D printers up and running reliably, see 3D printers for detailed work in progress lists.

Lesser Tasks

  • Revarnish the sink worktop
  • Seal the edges of the sink, it channels water around the sides straight to the floor.
  • Doorman needs the services of a techromancer.
  • Install new stairway light (sort of in progress)
  • Get the vinyl cutter working - some software has arrived, testing is needed.
  • Banking / registration emails need some editing to make them current and up to date. Wiki links could be added to them, especially the Rules and New Member Guide.
  • The PCs need some tinkering again; PC3/Centre (nearest grey cupboard) seems to only output VGA (or the monitor ignores DVI). It might be a BIOS setting issue; ignore the top graphics ports!
  • PC2/Back (middle of the 3 PCs) seems to overscan; likely either graphics settings or monitor issue, but nothing obvious. DVI use may fix it.
  • The Laser PSU needs properly attaching, and the new Air Assist Control System (TM) needs installing
  • Attach air conditioner outlet into Mr Laserducky's enclosure.
  • Patch up Woodzilla front pockets. They've split out from the frame at the base.
  • Tidy the seams on the mannequin
  • Set up the kitchen cabinets once the kitchen wiring/decor state allows it. [This is now in progress]
  • Sort out the the boxes of donations/cabley nonsense on Palletron. Right hand side of the middle shelf.
  • Generally compact and tessellate Palletron; about half of the space is dead and could be more efficiently used, with uncommonly needed resources lower down in the stacks.
  • Fix / calibrate Da Vinci 3D printer. [Steve has been fiddling aggressively with #4 and square things have been sighted. We await further news.]
  • Upgrade front door camera.
  • A spray booth is on the cards, as we have another extractor fan now.
  • Fix concerningly squeaky workshop hatch.
  • Workshop tool rack. Pegboard based perhaps? (Adam has A Cunning Plan. Waiting until we have our own set of hand tools first though.)
  • Clean and deploy the drawers somewhere sensible.
  • Sort & assess the supplies / materials / inventables / debris on the workshop racking. Possibly some of these articles could then go in the drawers.
  • We have an old shower tray surplus to requirements, hiding in the workshop. It needs extracting, photographing and listing somewhere like Gumtree or Ebay.
  • Freecycle or take the above item to the tip when it doesn't sell.
  • Close the roof windows in a lasting fashion. Steve has been going up and down the ladder like a demented yo-yo thanks to the recent gales providing us with impromptu ventilation.
  • Experiment with Left and see if the vinyl cutter can work with Virtualbox or similar - it needs Windows XP. Maybe compatibility mode?. [Update: Jon has Done Things, we may need to find non-commercial software]]'
  • We've had some donations of Misc Stuff In Boxes. Currently at the top right of Palletron, they need sorting and curating/defenestrating as required.

Administration / paperwork tasks:

Remember that this is a wiki. Not everything needs doing at once or by one person.

  • Proofread the Wiki, especially articles linked from the Main Page - this is a wiki so don't feel you need to do it all at once!
  • Potential grants need research and chasing. There are many options here so lots of people can help out.
  • Paperwork, some pertaining to the above. Health and Safety Policy (drafted, awaiting feedback) , risk assessment updates (addendum drafted, awaiting feedback) , power tool usage policy (drafted, awaiting feedback).


Create a sign for the door saying 'use the green button to exit'. People keep using the handles and before long that will interfere with Doorman operation.


  • Write a New User Guide. Friendly introduction material on how to use the space, where to find resources, help yourself to tea, etc. Complete, see New Member Guide
  • Make another Cyclone for the left side extractor; system in two halves since pipe friction gives rapidly diminishing returns with the available horsepower. Curse you, physics! [Adam]
  • Fix the doorbell - it seems to work 80% of the time, when it feels like it, only if it's completely dry, and there is not a full moon. Usually. [Adam]
  • Fit final rails to storage bays [Peter and Adam]
  • Clear up the desks. Far too much clutter has ossified and we're running out of flat space. [group effort]
  • Fix the main door closer. Trying to lock up in a high wind is ... challenging.
  • Fit the second lock to the door [Martin]
  • Clamp rack / panel clamping setup. Technically this may be two enterprises. [Adam]
  • Re-evaluate front room storage. Tables are colonised by in-progress projects as there is nowhere large enough. Maybe move yellow pigeonholes to front area where it can also be a divider, and put the workshop shelves here instead? Contents of those shelves would then live on the under-eaves racking. [Adam & Jon - budget barracks now in situ!]
  • Workshop dust management system. Cyclone separator and blastboxes are complete, the hosing and gate relays are also completed. All hoover hose donations are much appreciated. [Adam]
  • Wood storage system, ideally on casters. Currently the idea is for something like the illicit lovechild of these two - to this end we also need more pallets and scrap wood. Also casters. [Woodzilla is now complete! You may have noticed the subtle presence in the workshop. It's the thing that looks like a battering ram / triple decker coffin on wheels. (Jon and Adam)]
  • Fix the cold tap in the toilet [Done by Jon]
  • Install a window in the laser extractor fan housing, given recent events. [Completed by Adam and Jon; laser supervisor installed at the same time]
  • LED light needs installing in workshop on the CNC side. [Done by Jon]
  • Laser chores; test & prove to seller that the PSU popped, find optimal method and install cutout switch, case and install ammeter [Group effort; Jon, David, Adam & Phil]
  • Install micro guttering or a wicking drainage system to stop the Workshop condensation from dripping randomly. If it absolutely must drip it needs to do it in an orderly fashion! [Created by Adam; field test results positive!]
  • Fix the bench power supply [Group effort]
  • Labels for the various anonymous tool boxes (Adam)
  • Rack for storage boxes (Martin)
  • The Workshop Door (Adam & Jon).
  • Fit curtains (Rails, nets and curtains)
  • Fit lock to second room
  • Move the cupboard/contents from the church
  • Run wired network to main tables Network
  • Fit doorbell
  • Install permanent sign
  • Install our own wireless AP (one AP installed, thanks Phil)
  • Work bench for soldering, 3D printing etc, to be built and installed to room one
  • Setup Raspberry Pi work station
  • Projector stand
  • Projector screen