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Welcome to the Ipswich Makerspace wiki

Where you can find out about all things Makerspace.

What we have:

Getting involved

  • We have a very active Facebook Group, please join in the discussion
  • Visit our web page, view our news page for blog posts and feel free to submit articles
  • If you'd like to find out about upcoming real-world meetings, please join our Meetup group
  • Members: please contribute to this wiki! If you spot something incomplete or out of date, just hit 'edit' and change it
  • Consider becoming an Owner or Trainer, see our equipment page to see if there is anything that interests you
  • Take part in our Working Parties to improve the Makerspace

What we've done:

What we will do:

What we want to have:


Policies and Rules

To edit this wiki you need to be a member of Ipswich Makerspace which will give you a wiki account

To see the www page visit Ipswich Makerspace

For help on editing or adding pages please click on this Help link or on the link in the left hand navigation pane.